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Is pretty much kicking my ass. As well as screwing up with my schedule and I've been struggling to remember to take my anxiety meds which, shocker, means I've been struggling really bad with anxiety lately. I honestly don't believe there are many things worse than anxiety...

It's been effecting my school work, my daily life, and my relationships. It's been completely awful and Wednesday can not come fast enough. I am meeting with a therapist that I met with back five years ago when I was first diagnosed with my anxiety disorder, and I'm glad that she was able to take me back as a patient. I felt she was very easy to talk to, she was quick and figuring out how to help me, and I am crossing my fingers that she can help me get my anxiety under control sooner rather than later.

Every day I am struggling with feelings of self-depreciation and feeling unimportant. I am having an issue with someone who I consider to be my best friend and I am scared to get my anxiety under control for only one reason: part of me isn't sure if my anxiety is the reason we're having issues. Part of me is wondering if she's using my anxiety as an excuse. Time will tell on that front, I suppose, and I guess in reality it's better to know who your real friends are... but she was there for me more than anyone else through my divorce and it will be a huge loss if our relationship has truly changed.

Also, after my appointment, I booked myself a massage and facial and I am so ready for that. Like, so ready.
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