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Title: Pinned
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Wincest
Word Count: ~2500
Summary: They had been sparring since they were children, this actual position nothing new except it was always Dean pinning Sam down and critiquing where he went wrong. Being reversed wasn't why Dean was frozen under his brother’s weight on the thin blue mat. That had everything to do with the heavy weight of Sam’s dick where it lay against Dean’s lower stomach, hotter than any other part of his body.
A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] smpc. Beta'd by Mari (WinchestersRaven)

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Title: Wireless Connection
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] dancing_adrift
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lotrspnfangirl
Pairing: J2
Rating: Teen
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: Jared finds stress relief in Twitter as a second-year nursing student. Over summer break, he becomes friends with Jackles @profjackles, aka Jensen. He doesn't even know what Jensen looks like, but he can’t help from falling for the man he met online anyway. Their relationship changes unexpectedly when Jensen accepts a new job at Jared's university. Nursing school is not nearly as hard as discovering that the guy you've fallen for is actually your professor.

Art: Live Journal

This is my second big bang, and my first time participating in [livejournal.com profile] j2_reversebang. After a devastating loss of my first draft, I am so excited to post this story which has been a blast for me to write.

I was busy working away at my DCBB at the time I got the email reminding me that I had signed up as an author for the J2RBB. I was nervous-- the idea of taking on a second big bang was slightly overwhelming-- and as I looked at some of the amazing art that was up for grabs this round, it did nothing to quell that nervousness. Then I came across Amanda's prompt and I just could not pass it up. The art was gorgeous, the prompt had me immediately thinking of plot lines, and I wrote up her fic as my first and only choice.

Speaking of Amanda... She was amazing to work with. Not only did she make some awesome art, but she beta'd and squeed in all the right places, and held my hand or pushed me when I needed it the most. I lost my entire first draft which, those who have followed my 2016 know that seriously, just my luck this year and she was understanding and helpful. We worked on this up until the last minute and I am so glad we got paired together. Funnily enough, we communicated mostly through Twitter, which I kind of found perfect. This really wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for her.

Also, huge thank you to Cas ([livejournal.com profile] angelnovak) for letting me bombard her with screen shots of my writing and morale boosting when I needed it and got stressed with my own nursing school problems (#nursingstudent #nursinglife). ♥

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Title: Who You Belong To
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lotrspnfangirl
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 2450
Warnings: Bossy!Jensen, Bottom!Jared
Summary: Jensen sees the video clip of Jared dragging Misha’s hand up his thigh during a panel. He was less impressed than the audience was, and when he finally got Jared to himself, he decided to remind him who he belonged to.
A/N: Unbeta’d (due to my incredibly ridiculous last minute completion of this). Huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] theatregirl7299 for the story idea and to [livejournal.com profile] angelnovak for basically holding my hand.

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Title: Night Like This
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3209
Summary: Jensen’s Momma used to tell him that anything could happen on a night like this, and he sure was glad that meant meeting Jared Padalecki at midnight in the rain.
A/N: Inspired by (and title stolen from) Night Like This by Hilary Duff. Written for my October [livejournal.com profile] smpc. Huge thank you to [livejournal.com profile] theatregirl7299 and [livejournal.com profile] oldbatj for betaing for me and [livejournal.com profile] angelnovak for alpha reading hand holding. Feedback fuels the fire!!

Night Like This )
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Title: Suds in the Bucket
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jared had been hard for Jensen for three days now, tortured by watching the man drag himself all over the Impala, and it was Jared’s turn to spread him out.
A/N: Written for WinchestersShorty1980FL and her love of the idea of Jensen’s car wash scene in 11X04. Huge thank you to [livejournal.com profile] angelnovak for holding my hand and being my cheerleader and to [livejournal.com profile] theatregirl7299 for betaing for me! ♥ This is fiction, pure, unadulterated, sexy fiction unfortunately. Title from Sara Evans’ song thank you to Milana for being a goddamn genius! ♥

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Title: Working Hard
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Warnings: barebacking, medical speak, talk of seizure, vomiting, drug withdrawal -- not too graphic.
Summary: Dr. Jared Padalecki hasn't been able to focus on work since Nursing Supervisor Jensen Ackles was hired...
A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn for [livejournal.com profile] jackles67's prompt "Workin' hard or hardly working". Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] theatregirl7299 for letting me run every idea I had by her and helping me fix this up!!
A/N2: So, thanks to being in the second week of nursing school, I couldn't pull my mind anywhere else! And for a few parts I used my medical textbook -- that counts as studying, right?!

Working hard, or hardly working? )
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January 1st, 1968
Somerset, Vermont

Jensen woke up slowly, blinking the sleep from his eyes as he tried to focus on what had woken him up. He listened carefully for any sound from Jenna’s room, worried his baby girl had had a nightmare. Outside was just as quiet as the house. Jensen felt a shiver trail up his body and he looked down, seeing Jared trailing his fingers lightly across his stomach and chest. Jensen smiled.

“Hey,” he breathed out, relaxing against Jared’s touch and meeting his lips in a soft kiss. “Couldn’t sleep?”

“I wanted to be the first…” Jared said against his lips, fingers pressing harder into Jensen’s side and pulling him closer now that Jensen was awake. “To wish you Happy New Year.”

Jensen chuckled, kissing Jared softly, fighting back the looming presence of sleep as he focused on Jared’s hands playing out over his body. Jared shifted, his knee slipping between Jensen’s, large hands moving around Jensen’s back and nearly lifting him completely off the bed to move him closer into the center of the mattress. Jensen’s heart skipped, heat pooling in his stomach, just like every time Jared took control and manhandled him.

“Jared,” he whispered, fully awake now as Jared pressed down against him, lips and teeth working their way from Jensen’s mouth down his jaw and then to the side of his throat. Jared’s hands ran down Jensen’s sides and over his thighs, digging into the muscle and Jensen let his legs fall open more, inviting Jared in.

"Wanted to be the first thing you thought of this year... The first touch, sound, kiss and memory," he whispered against Jensen's skin, breath wet and hot against Jensen's chest.

"Closet romantic," Jensen teased, and then moaned as Jared's teeth and tongue brought one of his nipples into a tight bud.

Jensen closed his eyes and focused on the way Jared worked his body. His partner’s mouth worked its magic against his skin, his slicked fingers twisting inside, every warm breath across his flesh setting his very blood on fire.

When Jared finally pushed in, bringing them together as one, there were no words to describe the emotions and thoughts that were rolling around in Jensen's head. He found Jared's lips, his fingernails digging into Jared's shoulders as they rocked together.

Every moan and gasp that slipped from his lips, Jared swallowed greedily and pumped his hips faster, gripped Jensen's thighs tighter. Jensen was like a spring, coiled so tightly it almost hurt. Just one more touch of Jared's hand brushing across Jensen's swollen flesh trapped between their sweat-slicked bodies, and Jensen was done.

He came with a soft shout, his entire body clenching tightly around Jared, pulling him in and holding him there. Jared groaned Jensen's name, his head falling to Jensen's shoulder as he clung to Jensen's body and spilled his own release deep inside. Together, they lay panting and spent, still wrapped around each other and holding on tightly.

Finally, Jared shifted his weight so he was lying pressed up against Jensen’s side, his arm and leg still holding Jensen close.

“I love you, so much,” Jared whispered against his shoulder, pressing his lips against Jensen’s skin. Even though it was dark, Jensen could feel the weight of Jared’s gaze on him, and he turned his head, finding Jared’s lips easily. He could feel Jared smiling against his mouth, felt as Jared drew away to get a towel to clean them up, and opened his arms for Jared to crawl back into. Jared settled quickly, his head resting against Jensen’s chest, and soon his breath had evened out and he was back to sleep.

Jensen smiled, his heart heavy in his chest as he let his fingers trail down Jared’s arm slowly. Years later and he still couldn’t believe that he had this… had Jared. He swallowed hard, surprising himself at the well of emotions that hit him suddenly, and he had to force himself to calm down.

It hadn’t been easy – Jared had put up with more than his fair share of crap from Jensen. Between his hot and cold moods, questioning their relationship on more than one occasion, and the threat that always seemed to hover over them, not once had Jared ever broken his resolve of the fact that he loved Jensen.

Even after that first night, when he’d thought he had lost Jared forever and felt like his entire world was breaking apart, he’d spent countless nights and mornings milking alone, wondering what the hell it was that he was doing, asking himself why he was doing this to himself and to Jenna. He’d even thought about trying to force Jared away, not that he would ever admit that out loud and he was glad he’d never gotten past the fleeting thought stage.

Jensen had managed a few feeble attempts to distance Jared, more times than he’d ever pulled him close, and Jared had taken it. He’d spent countless nights, sitting at the base of the oak tree, wondering aloud to Jared if he should have just married Rosemary and given Jenna a mother, had a ‘real’ family. He questioned Jared on his own knowledge about being gay, pushed him to see if it was true, knowing the other man had never actually been with a woman before. Jared had taken everything Jensen had thrown at him and smiled and loved him all the more in spite of it.

Jensen had no idea how he deserved it or why Jared stayed… but as his heart beat faster against his ribcage, he was mighty glad that he had. He couldn’t imagine this farm, his life, Jenna’s life without Jared in it.

Jensen shifted his body, pulling Jared closer to his chest. The taller man groaned in his sleep, his leg slipping so that it fell between Jensen’s knees instead of over his hip, but he stayed fast asleep. Even though he’d tried to talk himself out of it, Jensen loved Jared with everything he had.

He tightened his grip on Jared, kissing his forehead and letting his eyes fall closed again. “I love you, Jared,” he whispered into the night and let sleep overtake him once more.

July 20th, 1968
Dover, Vermont

“Papa?” Jenna comes around the corner, carrying a stuffed rabbit that Martha had made, tied up with a large, blue ribbon.

Jared looked up from where he was leaning over the barnyard water pump, and pushed his wet hair back from his face.

“You ready to go?” he asked, wiping the rest of the dirt from his face with his bandana before shoving it into his back pocket. “Did your Daddy come back yet?”

“Yeah, he’s getting a basket from Grammy to bring to Aunt Mackenzie’s,” Jenna nodded and reached out for Jared’s hand. He looked down at the eight-year-old’s hand dwarfed within his own and shook his head. Although her hand was so much smaller, he couldn’t believe how much Jenna had grown over the summer…

“Well, let me go inside and change out of these clothes and then we’ll head over, okay?” Jenna nodded her agreement and skipped along beside Jared as they walked back to the house from the barn. Jared left Jenna on the porch, smiling as he watched her settle herself onto the porch swing, setting the stuffed rabbit beside her.

She’d just recently decided that she was too old for some of her toys and they’d carefully sorted out the shelves in her room so that she could give her outgrown toys and books to her cousins. Jensen had nearly had a heart attack that night, stressing out about how big his little girl was getting. Jared had laughed and told him not to worry, that both he and Josh had gone through the same thing when Megan was born, and in no way did it mean Jenna was suddenly done playing or being a kid.

“She’s eight, Jense… not eighteen.”

“Oh god,” Jensen moaned, letting his head fall into his hands. “She’s practically halfway there…”

Jared chuckled and shook his head, reaching over to squeeze Jensen’s knee. Jensen smiled, despite the disturbing thought of his little girl not being so little anymore, and allowed himself to focus on the heat radiating from Jared’s large hand against his leg.

“Did she even get rid of the duck?” he asked after a moment and the look Jared gave him back was answer enough. He closed his eyes and groaned, causing Jared to chuckle again and move his hand from Jensen’s leg to rest his entire arm over Jensen’s shoulders and pull him in closer.

“She got rid of the stuffed duck, yes… but she still has all of the wooden toys your grandfather and I made for her. Plus, she kept the cat… I think it’s still shoved underneath her pillow.”

Jensen looked up at that, a small smile on his lips. “She did?” Jared nodded his confirmation and Jensen suddenly felt lighter. The cat was the first stuffed animal he had ever gotten for her when they’d arrived at the farm… the thought of walking into her room and not seeing it…

“I’m building another chest, actually. I think she’s kept some toys to go in there so when Mackenzie and the kids are here, they’ve got toys to play with.”

“You’re building a chest and a bunk bed?” Jensen raised an eyebrow and Jared nodded, then shrugged his shoulders.

“Have to keep busy, otherwise I get myself in trouble.”

“That’s for sure…” Jensen agreed, and Jared shoved him hard, almost knocking him off of the step they were sitting on, before grabbing him and pulling him in for a kiss.

Jenna sat between them, holding the basket and the stuffed rabbit on her lap. Jensen had flicked on the radio and Johnny Cash was crooning to them, Jensen humming along and tapping his fingers against the steering wheel as he drove.

“Do you think the new baby will like me?” Jenna asked suddenly. Her feet, which she had been kicking in time with the music, were suddenly still and she looked between her two dads. “I mean, will he play with me like Kaleb does?”

“Well, I think he’s a bit small yet to be playing like you do with Kaleb,” Jensen glanced down at her, a smile on his lips. “Don’t you remember when Kaleb was first born and how small he was?”

Jenna shrugged and twisted the ear of the stuffed rabbit between her fingers.

“Jenna… why don’t you think your new cousin is going to want to play with you?” Jared leaned forward, catching Jenna’s eyes with his own. She shrugged again and leaned into her Papa’s side.

“At school, Tommy Jones was saying how girls are icky and that boys shouldn’t want to play with girls… I was hoping Auntie Mack was going to have a little girl so I could have someone to play with…”

“Well, I think Tommy Jones is missing out if he doesn’t want to play with you,” Jared answered, squeezing her shoulder. “Tommy Jones probably just has a crush…”

The look Jensen threw him then was dangerous.

“I think boys are the ones with cooties…” he mumbled quickly and Jenna looked at him with her eyes wide.

“There really are such things as cooties?”

“No,” Jared interrupted Jensen as he opened his mouth to answer. “Daddy is just kidding.” Jenna looked between them before settling her gaze back up at Jared. “I think your cousins are going to want to play with you whenever you are there, Jenna. They’re going to think you’re the best big cousin ever, and it’s not going to matter if you’re a boy or a girl.”

“Okay, Papa.” Jenna seemed placated with the answer and went back to kicking her feet in time with the music.

They drove the rest of the way in silence, mostly, Jenna and Jared singing along together to the radio and Jensen smiling every time he glanced towards his little family. They arrived at Mackenzie’s and Jenna was immediately scrambling across Jared’s lap and bursting from the truck, running towards the house.

“Hey guys!” Mackenzie opened the door for them, a smile on her face and a newborn in her arms. She laughed as Jenna wrapped herself around Mackenzie’s legs and Lee appeared behind them, taking the baby from his wife’s arms so she was able to hug Jared and Jensen when they came up to the door.

“Hey, Sis,” Jensen whispered against Mackenzie’s hair, kissing her cheek before moving back to switch spots with Jared. Jensen slipped into the house, knuckles brushing against the back of Jared’s hand once they were inside of the house with the door closed.

“Where’s Kaleb?” Jenna asked, tugging on the apron Mackenzie was wearing.

“Oh! He’s in the living room coloring, I think,” Mackenzie smiled down at her and ruffled the top of her hair. “Why don’t you go and play with him while I finish up lunch and get your daddies something to drink?”

“Okay!” Jenna smiled and happily skipped off to the living room, calling Kaleb’s name as she went.

“Coffee?” Mackenzie drew their attention back to her and both men nodded, following her through the house. Lee was leaning up against the counter and smiled at them when they entered.

“Hey,” he greeted and shook both Jensen and Jared’s hands. “This is Cameron.”

Jared was the first to hold the newborn, his long arms looking almost awkward as they slipped around the small bundle and cradled the newborn against his chest. Jensen’s breath caught in his throat when Jared turned towards him, looking up to meet his eyes with a smile on his face before he returned his attention back to Cameron.

“He’s beautiful, Mac,” Jensen said softly, accepting the mug of coffee from his sister and raising it to his lips, making sure he could still watch Jared and his new nephew over the rim. He felt something inside of him clench as he watched Jared talking softly to the boy, rocking him gently, and Lee leaning over Jared’s shoulder and laughing along with him.

“He’s a natural,” Mackenzie said softly, causing Jensen to jump. “Can I steal you for a minute? I need to talk to you about something…”

“Course… everything alright?” Jensen asked, placing his mug down and giving Jared a small nod to keep an eye on Jenna. He followed Mackenzie up the stairs and into the large master bedroom. Jensen watched as she went to the large closet, pulling the large oak doors open before disappearing inside.

“I just had it…” He could hear her talking to herself as she shuffled things around and he had to bite back a laugh. Motherhood and maturity had done nothing to curb his sister’s lack of organizational skills. He moved towards the large queen-sized bed and leaned against the footboard, cocking his head to the side to watch Mackenzie pushing around a few boxes from her kneeling position on the floor.

“What are you looking for?” He finally asked with a laugh when she stood up, a frustrated sigh leaving her lips.

“I… Just sit,” she answered instead, still distracted as she turned towards one of the large oak nightstands. “Oh! Here…”

Jensen rolled his eyes and took a seat at the end of the bed, watching as Mackenzie sunk down beside him, a stapled stack of papers folded in her hands.

“Mackenzie…” Jensen asked, looking from the papers into his sister’s bright green eyes, suddenly nervous about what she was going to say.

“Okay,” she said as she set the papers on her lap and reached for Jensen’s hands, taking them in her own and squeezing them reassuringly. “So, Lee and I had this conversation after our wedding… but then there was the deployment and I was busy trying to figure out what the heck I was doing being a mom and we never really got around to it…”

“What are you talking about?”

“What happened at our wedding solidified something for me, something I already knew.” She squeezed Jensen’s hands again, a sad look crossing her face. “Alan is not a man that I want around my children, Jensen… He was never a good father, for either one of us, and although I can’t change that… I can control the future for my children.”

“Mack…” Jensen shook his head, confused. “Of course you can… I highly doubt he’s planning on making a return appearance after what happened. At least, not physically, so I—”

“I know,” Mackenzie cut him off and gave him a soft smile. “Lee’s parents are so very different from our parents… I feel very blessed to have such great in-laws. But they’re still not…” Mackenzie stopped and bit her lower lip, sighing softly.

“Mack… I have no idea what you’re talking about here.”

“Lee doesn’t have any siblings, and his parents are nice, respectable people… but they’re not ‘raising children’ kind of people. Lee had a good life growing up, but the majority of that was spent with the hotel staff on the mountain and the kids and families that came to ski here. You and Jared are the godparents to our children for one specific reason… Lee and I both know that no matter what happens – to us… or our children—that you will love them unconditionally, always.”

“Of course we would,” Jensen nodded his head, squeezing Mackenzie’s hands. “They’re our nephews.”

“Lee’s unit has been talking… playing with the idea that they’ll be deployed again and Lee says they’re just talking but… but it’s always a possibility.” Jensen nodded slowly, waiting for his sister to continue. “So… we talked to our lawyer and had these drawn up…”

Mackenzie grabbed the papers again, unfolding them and flattening them on her lap before she handed them over to Jensen.

“Mackenzie!” Jensen’s eyes widened as he scanned the first page, then turned towards her quickly. “You’re way too young to be thinking of—”

“Oh come off of it, Jensen. Like you don’t have a written will?” She cocked an eyebrow and smirked back at him.

“Yeah, well, I own a business and a lot of property, Mackenzie!” Mackenzie gave him a look and he sighed, letting his eyes fall back on the paper. “So… why are you showing me this?” he asked after a moment. “Do you need me to put it in the firebox at the farmhouse?”

“No, Jensen… This is going to be your copy… If something happens to Lee and I… I do not want my kids going to Alan, Jensen. I can’t have that for them. I want them to go to you and Jared, I want them to grow up on the farm and with people who love them if Lee and I can’t.”

“Mackenzie…” Jensen dropped the papers to the bed and opened his arms for his sister to fall into. “Nothing is going to happen to you…”

“I know, Jensen… I know… but if something does, I need to know. I need to know they’ll be okay…” Mackenzie’s voice broke and a jolt went through Jensen when he realized she was now crying against his chest and he tightened his arms in response.

“Mack… come on… Of course… of course, we would take care of them, no questions asked…”

“I don’t want there to be any question from anyone else, Jense. You and Jared, that’s who we want if it comes to that. Just you and Jared... nobody else.”

“Okay,” he whispered, rocking her gently until she finally calmed down. When she pulled back, she folded the papers again and shoved them into his hands.

“Promise me.”

“I promise,” Jensen returned, giving her a smile. Mackenzie let out a shaky breath and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands before giving a small laugh.

“God, I must be a mess,” she laughed, shaking her head.

“Well… maybe just a bit over emotional…” Jensen smirked at her and she smacked his arm, laughing again.

“Shut up. I just had a baby. At least this was something worth crying over… last night I cried because the green beans I made were just… perfect. You know?” Jensen looked at her again and shook his head.

“I’m just going to agree with you,” Jensen laughed and Mackenzie responded by playfully shoving him off the end of the bed.

“I take it back. You’re awful. Only Jared can get my kids.”

“Nothing is going to happen,” Jensen said softly, returning to Mackenzie’s side and pulling her up into a hug.

“Well… Doesn’t hurt to be prepared.”

Jensen nodded his agreement and then cocked his head towards the door. “Ready for lunch? Or do you need my shoulder to cry on again? The sandwiches might be too perfect…”

“I hate you.” Mackenzie rolled her eyes and left the room, leaving Jensen chuckling as he followed her down the stairs.

December 1, 1969
Somerset, Vermont

Jensen felt like he was going to be sick.

Like the rug beneath his feet had just been yanked free and he was falling with nothing below him to soften the impact.

Like his very reality had always been a joke and somewhere, someone was laughing at him.

“Jensen…” Jared’s voice was low, shaking, but Jensen couldn’t look at him. He didn’t want to see the look in his eyes, he didn’t want to see the look in any of their eyes. The silence around them was suffocating and Jensen let out a short, dry laugh as the relief that Jenna was upstairs and fast asleep washed over him.

“I have to be up early,” he said as he pushed himself up from his chair and quickly moved around his grandparents’ and the Padaleckis’ legs, ignoring both Megan and Mackenzie reaching for him as he twisted away from their outstretched hands. He didn’t need to look to know that Jared was still sitting at the base of the chair, his arm still thrown up on the arm rest and watching as Jensen walked away.

Jensen checked on Jenna, kissing her forehead and smiling as the child shifted in her sleep, completely unaware of anything else outside of her dreams.

“Jensen,” Jared’s whisper made him tense and he exhaled softly before finally turning around and drawing his gaze up to lock onto Jared’s eyes. “Please, come here...”

Jensen shook his head but moved forward anyway. He allowed Jared to lead him towards their room and shut the door behind them. Then Jared stripped them both and pulled Jensen into bed, drawing the covers over them and wrapping his warm arms around Jensen’s lightly quaking body.

“This doesn’t mean anything…” Jared whispered and Jensen scoffed laughing bitterly, eyes burning and Jared tightened his arms.

“We both know we’re not going to be that lucky, Jared.”

“There are going to be… hundreds, maybe even thousands of men who will have to report, Jensen. They’re not going to take all of us, they’re not going to take me.”

“You really think that, Jared?” Jensen turned over, eyes darting over Jared’s face. He was glad it was dark in the room that Jared hadn’t decided to have this conversation with the lights on. “You honestly think that they’re not going to choose a healthy, single, middle-class man?” Jensen had just barely been able to contain his emotions all day, dreading what he knew in his gut was going to happen. Jared had tried to placate him, told him he was overreacting and worrying for nothing.

He hadn’t even been surprised when the number had been called, the collective gasp that rocked the room before it fell into silence –save for the remaining numbers being called out—had hit him harder than the number had. He met Jared’s eyes head on and watched as Jared tore his eyes away, felt his shoulders starting to shake.

“Can we just not?” Jared asked softly, fingers digging almost desperately into Jensen’s hips as Jared clung to him. “Can we not worry about something that hasn’t happened yet? Can we just…”

Jensen knew that Jared was scared—the younger man hadn’t actually believed that he would have been called. “It’s a lottery Jensen, of 366 dates! They’re not going to pick mine… I never win at anything!” Joking or not, Jared hadn’t honestly believed he was going to be called to enter the Army.

Jared was shaking beneath him, all of the fears Jensen had projected over the past few weeks about the damn lottery and the war probably running circles in his mind and Jensen did the only thing he could think of to soothe him. Jensen nodded, shifting them so he was leaning over Jared’s body and found Jared’s lips quickly, sealing them together.

They kissed hard, needy and quick. Jared clung to Jensen as if his life depended on it and Jensen let him, rocking their bodies together as he captured Jared’s body beneath his own. Jared gasped and moaned against Jensen’s lips as Jensen’s hands rolled over his body, pressing his fingers hard into the muscular planes of Jared’s body. His hips rocked hard against Jared’s, formed the connection, the delicious friction they both needed.

It was rare for it to be like this, quick, hard and fast. Jared usually took his time, opening Jensen, touching every inch of Jensen’s body, letting Jensen respond to each touch with his own as they made love. But tonight that wasn’t what they needed.

Jared’s fingers dug into Jensen’s shoulders, his heels hooking over the backs of Jensen’s calves as he ground himself up against Jensen. Jared came with a soft cry, spilling his release between their sweat-slicked bodies, and Jensen followed just a few heartbeats behind.

“I love you,” Jared whispered, voice still wrecked – though from his recent orgasm or the emotions that had been coursing through him, Jensen wasn’t sure. “I love you so much.”

“I know,” Jensen whispered back before he got off the bed. He cleaned them up quickly, then crawled back under the covers.

“Jense?” Jared reached for him and after a moment’s hesitation, Jensen allowed himself to sink into Jared’s arms again and buried his face into the crook of Jared’s neck, focusing on calming the pounding in his heart. He waited, listening carefully as Jared’s breathing slowed until he was asleep. Then, Jensen let out a hard breath, squeezing his eyes tightly shut to fight back against the tears that were threatening to fall.

Jensen already knew.

If Jared left? If he actually was drafted and then was deployed? Jared wouldn’t be coming back. Jensen knew firsthand what happened to men when they left, even Lee had changed, despite Mackenzie telling him he was overreacting and reading into things that weren’t there.

He tightened his arms around Jared’s waist and focused on the here and the now. It was all they had left.

Art by [livejournal.com profile] 2blueshoes

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July 25th, 1965
Somerset, Vermont

Jensen exhaled slowly, raising his arm to wipe the sweat from his forehead and then lifting his hand to shield his eyes against the sun. Today was hot, the sun brutal as it beat down on them. Even sitting atop the tractor going at a nice clip across the field, Jensen felt like his entire body was melting.

He sighed, cutting the engine and leaning back against the hot, black leather seat, forcing himself to ignore the burn on his bare skin as he looked out over the fields he’d just plowed. He bit the inside of his cheek and leaned forward, resting his head against the steering wheel.

“You okay?” Jared’s voice made him jump, and he looked down to see Jared looking up at him with concern. He had a bandana tied around his head, keeping his hair back from his face, and his shirt was soaked through with sweat.

“Yeah,” Jensen nodded, slipping off of the tractor and accepting the bandana Jared pulled out of his back pocket for him. He wiped down his face and then reached up to grab his t-shirt, pulling it over his head before giving Jared a quick kiss.

“You looked like you were lost in thought up there…”

“I just…” Jensen stopped and shrugged, looking past the front of the tractor to the field he’d just spent the last two hours plowing and getting ready to plant the next cycle of late summer crops.

“Thinking about what your grandfather said last night?” Jared said slowly and Jensen turned to him, a small smile on his lips.

“That’s why I keep you around,” Jensen answered, patting Jared’s arm before walking back towards the barn.

“I know you, Jense,” Jared whispered, moving after him and grabbing his arm to stop him. “Talk to me… please?”

“I don’t know what there is to say… The numbers kind of speak for themselves, don’t they?” Jensen refused to look at Jared and focused his eyes on the ground instead. “We’re losing money, people are more than happy to head to the local grocery store instead of their local farm stand. It’s costing more to ship the milk we’re producing than it takes to…” he stopped again and shook his head. “Don’t think my grandparents thought I would have sunk the place in under five years…”

“Don’t talk like that,” Jared’s voice was sharp and Jensen found himself fighting back the urge to roll his eyes. Jared just… didn’t understand. “Jensen, it’s just a small bump in the road, a bad year… But we have people who come out to the farm specifically for the fruits and produce we have grown right here. Loyal customers who want your produce and not something shipped in, banged up and halfway past ripe by the time they get it in their hands.”

“Loyal customers who are only loyal because they grew up with my grandparents and already struggling to make ends meet, never mind the fact that I can’t accept their food stamps and—” Jensen clamped his mouth shut again, finally looking up to meet Jared’s eyes. “I don’t know what to do, Jay. I can’t fuck this up… I can’t lose this farm.”

“Jensen, you’re not going to,” Jared shook his head, reaching for Jensen’s hand and taking it in his own. “I hardly think a few bad months is reason to start panicking…”

“My father still hasn’t made a move,” Jensen whispered and he saw the understanding cross over Jared’s face.

“That’s what you’re worried about?” Jared asked, shaking his head. He pulled on Jensen’s hand, pulling him against his chest before wrapping his arms around his back. “Jensen, he’s all the way in Texas…”

“You don’t know him!” Jensen argued, shaking his head. He returned the hug quickly before pushing away, glancing over Jared’s shoulder to the front of the farm and the driveway. “We’re down in profits this season, perfect time for my father to come in and start something…”

“Like what, Jensen?” Jared scoffed and Jensen threw him a glance before continuing onto the barn. “What the hell do you think he’s going to do from across the country? Tell everyone in Texas that his son is a fag? Who cares, Jensen! Who cares what he says or what he does! He’s not a part of your life anymore!”

“Just… never mind, Jared.”

“Don’t do that, Jensen,” Jared snapped, reaching for Jensen’s arm again. Jensen twisted out of his reach and spun back to him, suddenly angry that Jared didn’t seem to understand.

“He grew up here, Jared. He still has friends here! He could very easily tell anyone he went to school with or grew up with that ‘yes, a faggot runs this farm’. And do you know what that would do? I could lose this farm, Jared. I could fail at the one job I’ve ever been given and I can’t… I…” he shook his head, kicking angrily at the ground with the toe of his boot and sending a small rock flying through the air. “They could take Jenna from me.”

“You’re her father, her biological father, Jensen. No one is going to take her from you…”

“You don’t know that, Jared. You don’t know. You think that just because we’ve been lucky… it will stay that way?” he asked, shaking his head. “For the most part, our families have been accepting, have understood or at least decided to look the other way to the fact that we’re in a relationship. And I’m glad, I’m glad that I get to do this with you. But, they’re the minority, Jared. And I’m ready for our luck to run out.”

“Your sister is here,” Jared said and Jensen turned to him, confused. Jared simply shook his head, and pointed towards the driveway where Lee and Mackenzie were getting out of their car. “We’ll talk more about this later.”

Jensen sighed and watched as Jared stalked off, heading to the barn after throwing a quick wave to Mackenzie and Lee. Jensen sighed, rubbing a hand over his face before heading towards the driveway to meet his visitors. He had a smile at the ready but quickly pulled it back when he saw the grim expression on their faces.

“Mack?” Jensen called, walking faster until he was at his sister’s side and pulling her hands into his own. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

“Lee is being deployed,” she whispered, voice breaking as thick tears slipped down her cheeks. “He’s being deployed, Jensen.”

Jensen felt his stomach clench and he looked up to meet Lee’s eyes. Lee nodded once before looking away and down at his feet.

“But…” Jensen felt like he was grasping at straws. Mackenzie sobbed once and threw herself into his arms, clutching the back of his shirt as she sobbed into his shoulder, seemingly not caring that his shoulder was slick with sweat. “Marriage deferment?”

“That’s only for consignment…” Lee sighed, shaking his head. “I’m already in the Reserves. We found out yesterday that our platoon was being shipped out. I’ll be getting my orders tomorrow, most likely.”

Jensen felt Mackenzie’s grip tighten and he stared at Lee, not knowing how to respond. There was nothing for him to say. They’d all heard the newscasts saying the number of Reservists and National Guard soldiers being deployed would be increased, as well as the number of air strikes against North Vietnam, but Jensen didn’t think it would happen so quickly. And he never thought that it would actually affect him personally.

“My sergeant is thinking we’ll be doing support missions in the South… so…” Lee trailed off, his eyes raking over Mackenzie’s body and he sighed again.

“Let’s head inside.” Jensen suggested after the silence became tangible. He could almost taste it, sour on his tongue, and he steered Mackenzie towards the house without waiting for a response. Once Mackenzie had calmed down, she left Jensen and Lee alone in the living room to search for Jenna.

“This wasn’t my intention,” Lee said after a moment and Jensen released a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding before turning to look at him. “Three years left on my contract… I didn’t think I’d end up going.” He laughed, the sound was mirthless, short and clipped.

Jensen didn’t know what to say. He nodded once, and folded his hands in his lap, sinking back further into the couch. Lee cleared his throat but seemed to get the message and stayed silent as well. From the kitchen, they could hear Jenna babbling excitedly to her aunt about something funny the chickens did that morning and the song that her papa had made up to put her to bed last night.

They sat in silence in the living room until Jared and Albert came to join them, and then they talked about the weather, the crops and Mackenzie. Anything and everything except for the Army and Lee’s upcoming deployment.

Dinner was served and eaten quickly, Jensen barely tasting anything that had been put in front of him before he excused himself and slipped back outside to tend to the animals for the night. When he was finished, Mackenzie and Lee’s car was still in the driveway and Jensen felt dread forming in the pit of his stomach at the thought of going back inside, getting Jenna ready for bed and being made to talk about the dreaded deployment again.

“Jensen!” Jared called his name and he turned, grateful for the distraction. “Come on,” Jared held out his hand and Jensen took it, twisting their fingers together and letting Jared pull them across the road and onto the wooded path. A sense of calm flooded Jensen the moment they approached the oak tree and Jensen turned, sliding his hands over Jared’s cheeks to curl around the back of his head and pull him in for a kiss.

They sat against the tree, kissing softly until the sun had fully retreated behind the tree line. Finally, Jared spoke as he wrapped his arms around Jensen’s stomach and pulled him back against his chest, tucking his chin against Jensen’s shoulder so they were cheek to cheek.

“He’s not going to come back like your father, Jensen.” Jensen inhaled sharply, stiffening in Jared’s arms. “Mackenzie is worried for her husband going to Vietnam, but you’re worried for Mackenzie.”

“She deserves better than that,” Jensen replied and Jared nodded, kissing his cheek softly.

“He’s not your father. This is Lee and he loves Mackenzie as much as I love you. That’s not going to change.”

Jensen closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Their conversations usually steered far from Jensen’s family, save for Mackenzie herself, though it never failed to surprise him just how perceptive Jared really was, how quickly he was to hit the nail on the head –every single time when he did speak of the family dynamics.

“Trust me,” Jared whispered against his neck and Jensen nodded, letting himself sink back into the warmth and security that Jared never failed to provide. Jared tightened his hold, humming softly until the chill of the night was too much to ignore.

November 21st, 1965
Somerset, Vermont

“Jared?” Jensen called out, feet crunching in the frozen grass as he made his way to the barn. He’d finished the morning chores already and eaten breakfast with Jenna quickly before the sun even had a chance to completely rise. Jared hadn’t appeared at breakfast, in fact, Jensen hadn’t seen him since he’d gotten out of bed that morning….

“I’m in here.”

Jensen made his way through the main part of the barn to the back corner where they’d created a sort of workspace. He almost laughed – for someone who was still terrified of the cows, even at twenty-one, the fact that Jared had adopted this space as his own?

Jared was bent over a large block of wood, slowly dragging his pencil along it. Jensen came up beside him, leaning around his arm to look at the pattern he was designing.

“It’s a crib for Mackenzie…” Jared said as he finished the last swirl on the end and laid the pencil down. To the left of Jared stood a half made crib, and it already looked beautiful.

“She’s going to love it, Jay,” Jensen smiled, squeezing Jared’s hip and then leaning up to meet his lips for a kiss. “You didn’t have to do this…”

“Yeah, I know,” Jared smiled back, but it was sad and didn’t meet his eyes. Jensen watched him for a moment before reaching for his hands and turning him around.

“What is it?”

“Nothing… just busy…” Jared shook his head, trying to pull away.

“Jared…” Jensen stopped him, reaching up with one hand to cup his cheek, forcing Jared to meet his eyes. “You have months to build this crib… so what has you out here in the cold, skipping breakfast and alone?”

“Nothing… I just want to get this done, show Mackenzie…” Jensen nodded once, squeezing Jared’s hands. He waited, knowing that the other man was seconds away from cracking. He could see it in the way Jared’s eyes flicked away from his, never stopping long enough to actually meet his gaze and the way his tongue was flicking over his lower lip repeatedly. “I just…” Jared sighed, ripping back one of his hands to run it back through his hair. “I’m never going to have this, you know? Megan and Mom were talking last night while they were cleaning up for dinner about how Megan would be the next to get married, to have babies and…” He stopped again and shook his head, turning away to brace himself on the workbench, head dropping down between his extended arms.

“No one ever mentions it, but they all know… Jeff got married, he has two kids already, and next is Megan because I’m never going to have that. I’m never going to get married or have kids of my own… And I can see how that hurts my mom… Almost every time I mention Jenna or we start talking about Jeff’s kids, she gets this sad look and doesn’t want to talk any more. Because she knows, we all know, that I’m never…”

“Jared,” Jensen reached for him again, wrapping his arms around his waist and pushing himself up against Jared’s back. Jared stayed leaning on one arm, his second arm coming up and around to meet Jensen’s hand. Jensen held him, his face flush between Jared’s quaking shoulders.

They didn’t speak, they didn’t need to. Jensen just held onto Jared until his breathing calmed and his grip loosened around Jensen’s arm. Slowly, Jared relaxed and Jensen turned him around, pressing him back against the workbench.

“You have Jenna,” he said softly, watching the emotions flicker through Jared’s eyes as he stared down at him. “You’re her father, just as much as I am… I know that she’s not yours yours but—"

Jared cut him off, sealing his lips over Jensen’s, both hands tugging his face forward.

“I love you,” Jared breathed against his mouth and Jensen smiled, kissing him softly.

“I love you, too.”

March 3rd, 1966
Dover, Vermont

“Fuck,” Jensen swore, hitting the steering wheel with the flat of his palm.

“Jensen, calm down.” Jared tossed him a look before turning his attention back to the road. They were sitting in Gerry’s Mercury, heading across Somerset to Mount Snow and into the next town. Jensen had been prepared, he swore he’d had everything ready that he was going to need, and he was planning on heading to the next town over to be with Mackenzie at the beginning of next week. Because he wanted to avoid this, the traffic of people crowding around for one of the last good ski weekends of the season before the snow started to melt.

Mackenzie’s child, apparently, had other plans. Jensen had almost dropped the phone when he answered it, Mackenzie calmly telling him that she was in labor and if he could please come and pick her up to bring her to the hospital, that would be great.

Not for the first time, Jensen cursed Mackenzie’s stubborn decision to stay in the house Lee purchased for them at the base of the mountain. Although she was close to her in-laws – both of them responsible for running the ski lodge—they were both busy, and therefore, not available for Mackenzie when she needed them.

Jensen almost called them himself and demanded one of them take Mackenzie to the hospital so she didn’t have to wait the twenty minutes it would take him to get there but Jared stopped him, reminding him that Mackenzie would be more than a little upset if he interrupted their work day when she was perfectly fine.

Finally, Jensen drove up the gravel driveway, cursing as he stepped out and his foot hit a slick patch. Wasn’t anyone sanding or salting the driveway? Mackenzie could have slipped… Mackenzie met them at the door with a smile, but her skin was clammy and pale.

Jensen panicked.

“Shit,” he whispered, reaching for Mackenzie’s arm and leading her down the steps. He walked slowly, pointing out patches on the ground that looked slippery until she snapped at him.

“Jensen! You’re worse than Lee would ever be! Just let me get into the goddamn car!” Jensen bit his lip, swallowing back his reply and let Mackenzie lead instead. Jared had shifted into the driver’s seat and was laughing behind his hand. Jensen glared at him and climbed into the backseat with Mackenzie.

“Okay, do you know where you’re going?” Jensen asked, leaning forward.

“Jensen, if you’re going to be a backseat driver, I’m going to make you drive,” Jared warned him, backing the car back onto the street.

“I can’t… what if Mackenzie needs me?” Beside him, Mackenzie snorted and then gave a small groan, successfully snapping Jensen’s attention back to her and not on Jared or the road.

Jensen hadn’t been there when Jenna was born, had only gotten the call after everything was done, and part of him was glad. Every few minutes, Mackenzie would have a flash of pain cross over her face and she would clench her teeth and tightly squeeze Jensen’s hand before settling back into the seat and trying to calm her breathing.

“Do you think we’ll get to the hospital in time?” he asked, voice breaking as Mackenzie squeezed his hand again. He was surprised when she let out a full bellied laugh.

“Oh, Jensen… this is just the beginning,” she assured him with an amused smile.

He stared at her and sat in silence, save for the reassuring word or two he muttered to his sister, until they got to the hospital.

Jared parked the Mercury and went into the building first to get a wheelchair, meeting Jensen and Mackenzie in the foyer, a nurse at his side. She immediately took over Jensen’s spot, talking to Mackenzie about timing her contractions and the level of her pain. Jensen and Jared followed after her but were stopped just before they got to the room.

“We have a waiting room just down this hall, you’ll see it on the left,” the nurse smiled at them and Jensen looked alarmed between Jared and his sister.

“But… she’s going to be alone?” he asked, reaching for Mackenzie’s shoulder.

“Are you the father?” the nurse looked between them.

Mackenzie shook her head slowly. “No, he’s deployed right now.”

Mackenzie received a soft pat to her cheek and then the nurse’s attention was back on Jensen. “I’m sorry, Sir… We will let you know as soon as labor is completed.”

She gave him a brilliant smile and wheeled Mackenzie into the next room, shutting the door behind them. Jared touched Jensen’s arm, lightly enough to get his attention, before he started off down the hall to where the waiting area was. Jensen sighed, hesitated a moment more, before he followed after Jared.

March 4th, 1966
Dover, Vermont

Kaleb Ross came into the world screaming, a healthy baby boy and Mackenzie never looked more beautiful. Somehow, Mackenzie convinced them to let both Jared and Jensen into the room, claiming that they were her only support system as of right now. She may have insinuated that they were both her brothers—but Jensen wasn’t going to complain.

He held Kaleb in his arms, watching as the infant slept, and felt his heart already melting. He thought back to what it was like to hold Jenna when she was this small, so fragile and innocent. As clichéd as it sounded, Jensen could picture it so clearly in his mind, as if were only yesterday and instead of six and half years ago.

Jared’s arms shook when Mackenzie slipped Kaleb into them, and she smiled as she ran a hand through Jared’s hair, telling him that it was going to be okay and she trusted him not to drop her child.

Jensen saw the moment Jared’s own heart melted, and something inside of him broke when he realized that Jared would never really have anything more than this moment, of holding other people’s children close to his heart, but never feeling that surge of emotion, both dread and joy, that the child in his arms was his.

Jared looked up at him, his eyes swimming, and he smiled, flashing his dimples. “He’s perfect, Mack,” he whispered, rocking Kaleb gently in his arms. He turned from Jensen and met Mackenzie’s own wet, green eyes. “Just perfect…”

By the time they left that night, promising that Albert and Martha would be coming to visit the next day and that Jensen would be there to collect Mackenzie and Kaleb when they were all set to go home, Jared was vibrating with energy.

“God, he was so tiny, Jensen!” he burst out the moment they were back on the road, holding his arms out before him, hands cupped as if he were actually still holding Kaleb in them.

“Yeah, he was,” Jensen said softly, trying to gauge Jared’s reaction. He wasn’t sure if Jared was seconds away from breaking down about not having this for himself or if he was just—

“I’m so happy, Jensen,” he beamed, reaching over and squeezing Jensen’s leg. “I’m so happy for Mackenzie and Lee, so happy they get to have this. Can you imagine what Jenna is going to be like when she finally gets to meet her new cousin?” He laughed again, the sound making Jensen smile and release the tension he was feeling. He looked over at Jared who was smiling out the window.

It never failed to astound him just how amazing Jared himself was. Over the past few months, Jared had made it clear that he wanted kids, had even gone so far as poking around –using Megan’s help occasionally—about the adoption process. Not that anyone would ever allow a single man to adopt, much less a gay couple to do so.

But right now, Jensen could tell there wasn’t a single trace of jealousy or animosity in Jared. He was truly happy for Mackenzie, he looked at her as he would his own sister, and her son was already a part of Jared’s family.

“I love you,” Jensen whispered and Jared turned his head to give him a small smile before he leaned over and kissed the side of Jensen’s neck softly.

May 4th, 1967
Austin, Texas

Jensen shifted uncomfortably, the Texan sun near unbearable as it beat down on him in his fitted, black suit.

He should be home, working the fields, getting them ready to sow the corn and the first round of summer vegetables. Mackenzie stood beside him, her hand small inside of his, Kaleb held up on her opposite hip. Jensen went through the list of things he’d left Jared in charge of.

He knew that both Jared and Gerry, and of course his grandfather, knew what they were doing on the farm. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t been living there year in and year out, helping Albert and then Jensen keep the farm running.

Jared had done maintenance last week on the tractor to make sure the old girl was up and running and ready to go. Gerry and Albert had spent the last month repairing the parts of the fence that had been damaged in last winter’s ice storms. Jensen had finalized an agreement with the local grocery store to section off an area to sell Ackles’ Farm produce and dairy, and things were looking up, things were good.

Jensen squeezed Mackenzie’s hand once, running over the list again in his mind.

Plow the fields. Sow the corn. Plant turnips and carrots and cabbages. Start the green beans and peas in the barn to be transplanted closer to June. Fit the tractor with a ‘roll-guard’.

He let himself think about the Fischer Farm, the only other farm as big as the Ackles’ Farm in Southern Vermont, and how they’d decided to sell off all their livestock and equipment, keeping only their horses and land. Jensen had acquired a good amount from them and was secretly grateful they’d folded first.

He ran over the list again. Plow the fields. Sow the corn. Plant turnips and carr—

Mackenzie squeezed his hand hard and he looked up, breathing catching in his throat. He tried to focus on the words being said, the sound of the priest a dull buzzing in his head, like a bee had gotten caught and was spinning around and around in his head. A soft sob broke from his sister’s lips, the sound squeezing his heart, and he wished more than anything that Jared was there with him. Jared always knew what to say to make things better… would have Mackenzie and Jensen both laughing, or at least smiling.

He exhaled slowly, trying to focus back on his list. Turnips and carrots and cabbages…

Alan was suddenly beside him, his body stiff and eyes cold. Jensen felt himself freeze, his heart beating wildly in his chest, and he stared forward, eyes unmoving as he watched the coffin lower into the ground.

He waited, waited for Alan to start something, to say something about his lifestyle while they were surrounded by their family and friends. He focused on that… the fear churning in his stomach at his father’s steely gaze and the acrid scent of gin and vomit that surrounded the man in a thick haze.

When Alan left, he breathed easier, and focused back on his list.

Cabbages… and carrots… green beans and peas and…. He closed his eyes.

Mackenzie slipped her hand from his, leaning over to kiss his cheek before she left him standing alone in the grass. When he opened his eyes he saw that Josh was waiting for him, hands shoved deep in his pockets and watching Jensen carefully. Everyone else was gone.

Slowly, Jensen walked forward, taking his spot beside his brother and they stood shoulder to shoulder, looking down at the marble headstone before them.

Jensen wanted to focus on his list. He wanted to worry about the possibility of it not getting completed because he wasn’t there. He wanted to focus on the fear and anger he held for his father. He wanted to focus on anything except for what was staring back at him, etched in stone.

Josh cleared his throat once and Jensen looked over at him.

“I didn’t know,” Josh whispered, voice breaking, and Jensen only nodded. He hadn’t either, neither had Mackenzie. No one had known until after the fact, when they were being told about the service and the funeral and given less than a week to make plans to get down to Texas.

Josh’s voice was thick, and though he didn’t look at Jensen, Jensen was aware that Josh’s full attention was on him. “I can’t… I don’t want this to… This can’t be us, Jense. I don’t want to find out like this, after the fact, if something’s happened to you. I… I may hate what you are…” he whispered, shaking his head, and Jensen’s eyes burned. “I do… I hate it because it’s not…

“You’re putting yourself at risk, you’re choosing the hard path, Jensen. And I hate that I can’t fix it for you or make it easier. I hate that you chose this… but… but… I don’t hate you. I know I haven’t been… Mackenzie’s given me more than one earful about how I’ve been treating you about all this…” He stopped again and waved at the grave before them. “I didn’t know, Jensen. I didn’t know that my own mother was sick and dying… I can’t have that happen to you, too.

“I miss my brother... I miss having someone to talk to, someone that has my back and I don’t need to watch myself around. You were my best friend, Jensen…” the anguish in his older brother’s voice made Jensen’s heart ache. “And after you told me what you were… and at Mackenzie’s wedding… I just can’t understand why you would choose that… that kind of life for your daughter… for yourself, you know…? Why you would choose to… I don’t know…” Josh’s voice broke off unevenly as he choked back a quiet sob.

“Josh,” Jensen reached for Josh’s arm, gripping his bicep tightly. “I can’t change who I am, or who I love. I’m sorry… but I just can’t. I just wish you could understand.” His red-ringed eyes pleaded with his brother, wishing he knew the words to make Josh see Jared as he did.

“I know, Jense… I’ll try…” Josh whispered hesitantly, shaking his head slowly. “I don’t… know what to say here, Jensen. I just want you to be happy… and I want you to be my brother again... That’s what I really want... I don’t want to be told that… that some god-awful thing happened to you and end up standing at your funeral and not knowing who the hell you were anymore.”

“I’m not pushing you away, Josh. This… this was Dad being spiteful… angry at all of us for just…” Jensen stopped, shaking his head. “Nothing like that is going to happen to us, okay? We are family… you, me and Mackenzie. We are family and we’ll have each other’s backs, okay? Always.”

Josh turned to him, glancing up to meet his younger brother’s eyes and nodded slowly. “I’m sorry, Jensen.”

“You have nothing to apologize for,” Jensen replied, squeezing Josh’s arm once more before letting it drop. They stood together in silence, looking at everything but one another or Donna’s fresh grave before them. Their mother was gone, and Jensen had a multitude of emotions running through him that had continued to circle about him ever since he’d gotten the phone call to come to Texas.

He leaned into Josh carefully, tentatively laying his head against his older brother’s shoulder like he used to when they were kids, and when Josh made no attempt to pull away he focused on that. Focused on the fact, that even if it was only for right now, he had his big brother back...

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June 18th, 1965
Somerset, Vermont

Mackenzie looked beautiful.

Her long, blonde hair was piled high upon her head, a few stray curls slipping free to frame her face. She wore simple make-up, accentuating her eyes and high cheekbones. The beautiful, hand-made dress she wore was a pristine white, made of French lace and silk, crafted lovingly by Sherri and Martha who’d made sure the dress was just as stunning as Mackenzie herself.

Jensen smiled, forcing himself to stay focused on his little sister’s smile and the way her eyes glistened in the church’s candlelight and not at the looming presence at his side.

Alan stood stiff beside him, hands clasped at his front, watching his youngest child with half-lidded eyes. Jensen could smell the alcohol wafting off of him, knew if he reached over he would be able to feel the silver flask tucked carefully away in the pocket of his suit jacket.

Even though he should have expected it, Jensen was still shocked the morning he came back from the barn with his grandfather, Gerry and Jared to see his parents getting out of a car with their bags, ready to spend the week before the wedding at the farm and possibly the week after. Alan had clasped Jensen’s shoulder in greeting, pulling his youngest son against his chest, and completely ignored his own father and the Padaleckis. Then he had steered Jensen inside the house and into the living room to pour them a drink.

It was funny – it had been five years since Jensen had seen, or even spoken to, his father, and in a matter of moments, Jensen felt like he was back to being the same beat-down twenty-year-old who had left Austin, not knowing who he was or what the hell he was doing. Within minutes, Alan had him back to that, a knot in his throat as he numbly nodded his head along with whatever it was his father was talking about.

Donna had taken to Gerry and Jared quickly after the introductions, then allowed herself to be shown around the farmhouse and welcomed by Sherri and Martha. When Jenna came bounding down the stairs, hazel eyes sparkling in excitement from hearing the unfamiliar voices, she threw herself into her Dad’s arms and let herself be lifted from the ground.

Martha stepped forward, giving a small smile as she introduced Alan and Donna as Jenna’s grandparents, her daddy’s parents. A moment of confusion passed Jenna’s face as she took in the newcomers, and Jensen’s heart stopped and he tensed when Alan stopped midsentence.

“Hi, Jenna,” Donna said softly, giving the child a tentative smile. Jenna took only a second more before she outstretched her arms and moved from Jensen’s arms into Donna’s. Jensen watched as his mother’s face broke into a huge smile and she hugged her back; Alan watched for a moment before turning back and carrying on the one-sided conversation. When Jensen met Jared’s eyes, he exhaled slowly and Jared gave him a knowing smile before pulling Donna, with Jenna, out of the hallway and into the dining room where they would be ‘more comfortable talking’.

The week had passed by surprisingly well, even after Josh and his family had arrived mid-week, but that didn’t stop Jensen from feeling on edge the entire time. Nor did it stop him from asking Jared, in not so many words, to stay at his own parents’ house in his old room until Jensen’s family left. Jared had simply said he understood, didn’t argue, only shrugged and said he’d figured as much.

Jensen wondered if he was the only one unable to sleep at night.

Somehow, Jensen had managed to keep Jenna busy by giving her the responsibility of egg collecting in the mornings before breakfast and by the time she was finished, Mackenzie would be downstairs finalizing wedding plans with the rest of the women as they all cooked and Jenna allowed herself to get swallowed up into the storm. Jensen didn’t have to worry about her around Alan, and he didn’t have to worry about her accidentally letting it slip out that she called Jared ‘Papa’.

Josh, it seemed, had no desire to associate with either Alan or Jensen, preferring to spend his time out in the fields with their grandfather or walking with his own son around the farmyard. Being ignored by his brother hurt somewhat, but deep down Jensen had to admit it was also a bit of a relief.

Now as they stood in the church, Jensen still felt ill-at-ease. All week long he had waited for some sort of attack either by Alan or Josh. His usual chores and duties at the farm had been a great buffer since he’d only really seen them at mealtimes. Thankfully there were too many others present then for them to act up. He only hoped that today a sense of propriety would keep them both on a short leash for Mackenzie’s special day.

Alan shifted beside him, clearing his throat and Jensen let his eyes dart over, meeting the cool, verdant ones staring back at him. “Sister is all grown up now,” Alan whispered and Jensen nodded slowly, wondering what exactly it was Alan was getting at. “Two out of three ain’t that bad.”

Jensen forced himself not to react and turned his attention back to the priest who was currently addressing the families and guests, bringing everyone together for this beautiful occasion. Alan fell silent too, seemingly listening, but Jensen knew better than to feel grateful.

“At least you have a kid... Did that part right, even if it was half-assed,” Alan hissed after a moment and Jensen cleared his throat softly, searching the crowd for Jared. He hadn’t seen much of him in the week since his parents had shown up, Alan monopolizing any of Jensen’s free time while drinking and talking over the radio with Albert. The Padaleckis wisely chose to spend most of their leisure time at their own house.

Farm days meant hard work and the nights were usually full of peace and comfort. Jensen ached for a normal night of sitting on the porch with Gerry playing guitar, Sherri and Megan singing along and Albert smoking his old pipe. This past week had been odd, and Jensen took any excuse he could find to go to bed as soon as he had Jenna down for the night, even if that meant spending the following three hours tossing and turning, uncomfortable in the too cold and too big bed.

Now as Jensen waited for more insults to be dished out, Josh shifted uncomfortably and Jensen was glad when Alan’s eyes raked over to his eldest son before settling back on the ceremony and falling silent.

“I want to take a picture with my Papa!” The ceremony was finished, Lee and Mackenzie being trailed by their family down the aisle and out into the beautiful summer sun. The air was warm, humid, but there was a light breeze blowing across the church’s courtyard. Jenna’s words had been completely innocent, and yet it had Jensen’s stomach trying to force its way from his body. Thankfully, Lee was quick on the game and he burst forward.

“Good idea! But I think we should have the whole ‘farm family’ in there, what do you think darling?” He placed his hand on the small of Mackenzie’s back, raising an eyebrow as he met her eyes.

“Oh, yes… yes! I think that would be wonderful. What do you think, Jensen?” She turned, beaming at him, but Jensen could read the fear in her too-wide eyes. He nodded once, not trusting himself to speak, and allowed the photographer to push him and Jenna along with his grandparents and the Padaleckis forward. They crowded together, using the church as their backdrop, and smiled as the flashbulbs flared and the cameras clicked away.

“Okay, let’s take some with the actual bride now,” Jensen cleared his throat and was grateful when the rest of their families, Lee’s included, allowed themselves to be shuffled around for various pictures without any more conversation between them.

Finally, Jensen’s role in the picture taking was over and he was able to slip away from the group and down the driveway. He exhaled slowly, leaning against his Grandfather’s pickup truck, and felt himself relax as soon as he sensed Jared’s presence beside him.

“This will be us one day.” Jared’s voice was soft, and Jensen knew that no one else could hear him, but it didn’t stop him from looking around them in alarm before settling his gaze on Jared’s sad face. So much for feeling relaxed…“It will be.”

“Jay...” Jensen whispered back, shaking his head. “Please… Don’t...”

“Jensen,” Jared sighed softly, brushing their knuckles together, the contact sending a shiver up Jensen’s spine before Jared pulled his hand back and crossed his arms over his chest. He tossed his head, hair falling out of his eyes. “I just know it.”

“It’s never going to happen, Jared,” Jensen whispered back and looked up to meet the hurt expression in Jared’s eyes. “Jared… Baby, please, you know that I would—”

“I have yet to be wrong,” Jared cut him off and gave him a small smile. Jensen felt the corner of his own lips twitch and Jared nodded once before turning around and leaving him standing there alone.

Jensen watched him go. Jared found Mackenzie quickly and swept her into his arms, both of them laughing. The soft summer breeze blew across the courtyard, lifting Jared’s hair from his face. His eyes seemed to reflect the sunlight and from here, Jensen couldn’t tell if they were more blue or more brown today. He looked happy, carefree, and beautiful.

Jensen never wanted anything more than he did in that moment than to be able to call Jared his husband.

A hand clasped his shoulder, causing him to jump, and the sour smell of alcohol hit him before the sound of his father’s voice met his ears. “Ready to go, son?” Alan asked, squeezing his fingers into the muscles of Jensen’s shoulder. “Told your grandfather it would just be us heading back. Setting up the party and all. They’ll go with the Padalecki car.”

Jensen cleared his throat and nodded once, his stomach twisting. He hadn’t heard Alan approaching… He studied his father’s face carefully before allowing himself to be steered toward the truck.

The moment Jensen got behind the wheel and started the truck, Alan had already withdrawn his flask and was sucking it down greedily, the overwhelming stench of the cheap booze washing over Jensen’s senses and elevating his sense of dread. He bit his lower lip hard and the sharp pain was a welcomed distraction as he pulled away from the church and started on their ride home.

Alan flicked on the radio, tapping his fingers against his knee to the song playing. Jensen glanced over, seeing Alan chewing on his own bottom lip in between sips of his flask and it made bile rise to Jensen’s throat.

“So…” Alan broke his silence, twisting the cap onto his flask before making a show of tucking it away. “Seems like you’ve done a nice job with things… farm’s up and running and all...”

Jensen glanced at him, waiting. When Alan looked at him expectantly, a wave of fear settled in Jensen’s stomach. He nodded once, mumbled his thanks, and Alan tipped his head and turned towards the window. The silence was stifling, choking, and Jensen forced himself to take a deep breath. Maybe…

“Too bad, really.” Alan added, finally, and Jensen chuckled nervously.

“What’s too bad?” Jensen sighed, preparing himself for whatever verbal attack his father was going to make. In his mind he’d already framed his father’s probable insults. He didn’t have a wife, only one kid while Alan had two by the time he was Jensen’s age. How he’s ‘only a dairy farmer’ and there are plenty of those in Wisconsin, no one needed them in New England. Maybe the farm wasn’t big enough, Jensen had too much staff with the Padalecki family, he was too young, too inexperienced to handle God only knows what. He raised an eyebrow and turned his head, meeting his father’s steely gaze.

“It’s too bad it’s run by a faggot.”

Jensen gasped aloud at the sudden, direct slur, he knew Alan heard the sharp intake of breath as well. He gripped the steering wheel hard, knuckles turning white and he snapped his head forward, not wanting to see the look of triumph on Alan’s face. They drove the rest of the way in silence, though it was nothing even close to being comfortable.

Every time Alan shifted in the seat, Jensen tensed further, his stomach flipped. By the time he pulled into the gates of the farm, he was sweating, hands shaking. He stopped the truck in its usual spot by the barn and waited—sure that Alan was going to say so much more.

Part of Jensen wanted to ask him how, how he knew? As much as Josh wasn’t… comfortable about the revelation in the past and had made a point of avoiding both Jared and Jensen during his stay at the farm this week, Jensen still couldn’t believe that Josh would’ve told their father. Mackenzie wouldn’t have, he couldn’t see the Padaleckis or his grandparents either which only meant… Perhaps he had overheard Jared near the church…..

The sound of the truck door opening had Jensen flinching but Alan had only let himself out of the truck and was making his way towards the house. Jensen exhaled slowly and turned his gaze towards the road, silently praying that the rest of them got there quickly.

With a sigh, Jensen opened his truck door and climbed out, immediately finding himself back against the truck, Alan’s hands fisted in his shirt pinning him in place.

“Dirty little faggot!” Alan hissed viciously, small droplets of spit splattering onto Jensen’s face. His heart was beating wildly in his chest, his arms pinned between Alan’s crushing body weight and the side of the truck, and he swallowed hard, meeting Alan’s cold hateful glare. “I let you live under my roof, fed you and clothed you. I know for Goddamn sure I taught you better than this.”

“If I remember correctly, Father, the only thing you taught me was how to find the bottom of a bottle,” Jensen dared to whisper back. Then his shoulder blades were banging painfully hard into the frame as Alan viciously jerked him forward and slammed him back again.

“A dirty cocksucker like you has no right to say anything to me. I always knew there was something wrong with you.” Jensen stared at his father’s face, the look of disgust and hatred displayed so perfectly there. “And now you’re trying to bring down my parents? It wasn’t enough shaming me and your family? You have to bring them and the farm they worked so hard for down as well?”

“No!” Jensen protested, shaking his head but Alan’s hand was lightning quick and grabbed Jensen’s face, thumb and forefinger pinching painfully into his jaw. He forced Jensen’s face over towards the direction of the farm before snapping his head back towards him and pressing his forearm against Jensen’s throat.

“It wasn’t enough that you damned yourself with your filthy thoughts and actions? You had to bring that depravity into my parents’ house? You had to turn that innocent boy and warp his mind? Do his parents know what you do to him, Jensen? Do his parents know you’re dragging their son into the depths of hell with you?”

Jensen stayed silent. He could feel his blood pounding through his veins beneath Alan’s arm shoved roughly against his neck. The stench of alcohol was nauseating, the pressure against his chest and throat suffocating, but nothing compared to the distress he felt when he heard the sound of another car pulling up.

Jared was out of the car in an instant, Jensen’s name on his lips as he tore towards them, Gerry and Albert hot on his heels. Something flashed in Alan’s eyes and he pressed harder against Jensen’s throat with his arm.

“Oh, I see,” he whispered against Jensen’s ear and Jensen’s eyes flicked over Alan’s shoulder to meet Jared’s wide, scared eyes. He shook his head gently, watching as Jared skidded to a stop just feet from where Alan and Jensen were. “Is he the reason you’re going to hell? Is he the reason you’re corrupt and useless?” Alan flicked his eyes over to Jared before settling back on Jensen’s. “Do you let him fuck you, Jensen? Do you put out for him like a good girl?”

“Alan!” Donna’s voice was loud and shrill as it cut across the yard, but Alan stayed unmoving.

“I asked you a question, Jenny,” Alan hissed.

“Alan, let go of the boy,” Albert’s strident voice was suddenly beside them but Jensen couldn’t tear his eyes away from his father’s—cold and unyielding, full of hate.

“He’s not a ‘boy’, he’s not even a man,” Alan snarled, moving to slam Jensen back against the truck.

Jared was there instantly, grabbing Alan’s shoulder to pull him back, which was the wrong move. Gasping Jensen tried to suck in air as the pressure on his neck was suddenly released but then found himself unable to breathe as he watched Alan’s elbow connect with Jared’s face.

“Fuck!” Jared grunted, dropping completely out of Jensen’s line of sight. Jensen scrambled forward, reaching for Alan who was immediately moving toward Jared’s falling form, fist raised high in the air.



“Jensen! Don’t!”

People around them were yelling, but all Jensen could see was a dazed Jared sitting on the ground, blood pouring through his fingers, and Alan ready to strike him again. He moved quickly, without thinking, and spun Alan around, his fist connecting hard with flesh and bone knocking Alan to the ground.

Jensen knelt over him, but quickly Alan’s fingers grabbed Jensen’s wrists, gripping them tightly.

“I will not have some filthy faggot touching me!” Alan yelled bitterly, breathing hard, his chest rising and falling erratically between Jensen’s knees. His nails were digging deeply into Jensen’s skin, and Jensen knew it must hurt, though he was too enraged and distracted to feel it.

Beside him, Jared was looking at him over his trembling, bloodied fingers and Sherri and Megan knelt behind him, watching with wide eyes. Jensen glanced around in time to see his grandmother retreating into the house with a small figure in her arms and he was glad Jenna was no longer a witness. Mackenzie was openly sobbing beside their mother who was staring back at Jensen, her eyes wide in terror. Josh had shifted, blocking his family’s view of the scene before him. The look on his older brother’s face almost matched the disgust Jensen had seen on Alan’s – only this time, he wasn’t sure if it was only aimed at him.

He looked back down and stared at his father’s face, his left cheekbone and eye already swollen and turning a dark red from when Jensen had hit him. Shame rolled through him—they were causing a scene when this day was supposed to be about Mackenzie. He’d struck his father, had him now pinned to the ground. Swallowing hard to try to tamp his anger down further, the young farmer loosed a weary sigh. Slowly, Jensen slid off of him, yanking his hands free of his father’s grip as he pushed to his feet.

Behind him, Gerry clasped his shoulder, squeezing gently before pushing him back further to where his grandfather stood, glaring disapprovingly at his drunken and angry son. As his grandson moved to stand beside him, Albert laid a gentle, but supportive, hand on the back of the young man’s neck.

“I don’t fucking believe this!” Alan seethed as he struggled up off the ground. Jensen warily watched Alan’s distance from Jared, but stayed still. “You all knew?! You all knew what kind of abomination you had living under your roof? You allowed this to happen?” Alan was fuming, spinning his arms out wide as he looked around the group. “You let two… fudge packers play house? This farm is ruined, you’ve all let it be ruined by not condemning these two… two...”

“You need to calm down!” Gerry’s voice was low and calm sounding, as he stepped forward, arms outstretched. By the look in his eyes, however, Jensen could tell Gerry was anything but calm.

“And you think I’d listen to you? A queer lover?” Alan spat at Gerry’s feet.

“What I am…? Is a far better father than you could ever dream to be,” Gerry replied, still calm and Jensen saw the moment the words really registered in Alan’s alcohol-hazed mind, the moment he saw red.

“Gerry!” Sherri screamed this time, beating Jensen to the punch before he could even open his mouth to call out a warning. But Gerry was too quick for the attack. He dodged Alan’s drunken blow and returned the favor, the crack of a meaty fist hitting flesh seemed to echo in Jensen’s brain. Alan continued to advance until Gerry hit him once again and Alan fell back onto the dirt, lip split and bloodied.

“This may not be ‘my farm’, but this sure as hell is my home and these are my sons that you’re insulting.” Gerry stood over Alan, chest heaving as he stared down at the man, curled up on the ground. “What these boys are..? What they are… is fine young men, who have done nothing but work their asses off to make this farm and the families that live on it successful in every way they could. These boys have found something that you seem to be severely lacking. Now, I don’t claim to understand it, I don’t claim to know how they feel. But I can understand and respect the courage it takes to go through life knowing you can never be your true self.

“Your son, Mr. Ackles, has been raising a beautiful little girl all on his own. He’s managed to successfully take over this property and give his grandparents the respect and consideration they deserve in property decisions. He’s turning a profit, expanding business, and living his life. Any father would be damned proud of this boy right here.

“I know, from a father’s perspective that if this kind of life is what makes my son happy…? He couldn’t have picked a better damn partner if he tried. Now… Mrs. Ackles? I suggest you head inside and collect your and your husband’s things. Unless, of course, you’re planning on supporting your child…?” Gerry never shifted his eyes from Alan’s face, though Alan’s bloodshot, green eyes shot up and pinned on Donna immediately.

Jensen was shaking, anger and adrenaline surging through him.

Slowly, Donna tore her eyes away from her husband and found Jensen.

He swallowed hard as their eyes locked. The look on his mother’s face was one he never thought he would see again. She looked… sad, almost hurt at the situation. For a brief moment, Jensen felt hope fluttering in his chest as he stared at his mother. He let his hand fall to his side and jumped as a large hand brushed against his, immediately twisting their fingers together. He didn’t need to look to know that Jared was now at his side.

Donna’s eyes trailed down to their joined hands, and the look she had immediately disappeared. She nodded in resignation once, and then pushed away from the fencing. As she walked past the small group, she refused to meet Jensen’s eyes as she passed. Jensen heard a soft sob and he jumped when Jared squeezed his hand, making him realize that the sob had come from him.

Alan shifted on the ground, pushing himself to a sitting position. He shook his head, glaring between Jared and Jensen, disgust clear on his face, but he stayed silent. Jensen stared back at him, time seemingly stood still and nothing moved except for Alan’s flickering eyes and Jared’s thumb rubbing small, soothing circles on the back of his lover’s hand.

It seemed like hours they stood there silently frozen, out in the yard with cars pulling up for the promised wedding reception. Luckily, Martha was quick on the draw, and she began directing people to go inside the house, taking their hats and coats, if needed. Mackenzie had quietly slipped away, taking Josh’s wife and son with her. Jensen was surprised when he realized that Josh was still there.

Donna reappeared with their suitcases and took her place by Alan’s side, eyes downcast and staring at the ground. Alan stood up the rest of the way, spitting once in Jensen’s direction before spinning away, ripping at Donna’s arm as he went.

“Josh!” he barked and Josh cleared his throat. Jensen looked up and met his eyes.

“I… I’m… just going to take them to the train...” Jensen nodded, watching as Josh started after their parents. “I… I’ll be back.”

“Come on,” Jared said softly, tugging on Jensen’s hand. He turned then, breath catching in his throat as he finally looked at Jared’s face. His nose was still bleeding, blood trickling down over his lips in thin rivulets, the area around his nose already bruising a deep, purplish color.

The Padaleckis and Albert stood behind them, pushing them forward towards the Padalecki house. Once the door was shut, Megan went to the kitchen, returning with a metal bowl full of ice and a towel. She twisted the towel around some of the ice to make a pack while Sherri washed the blood from Jared’s face. The rest of them watched silently.

“It’s broken…” Sherri said after a moment, fingers gently grazing over Jared’s nose.

“Does it make me look like a bad boy?” Jared asked, giving his mother a huge grin, but for those present the blood painted over his mouth and teeth quickly swallowed up any humor his comment had intended. He cleared his throat and fell silent again, letting his mother work and accepting the ice gratefully from his younger sister.

“Are you okay?” Gerry asked after a moment and Jensen was shocked when all eyes turned instead to him, waiting for his answer.

“Oh… I…” he stumbled, touching his neck briefly before nodding. “Yeah, he didn’t hit me…”

“That’s not what I meant,” Gerry replied softly and Jensen looked over to meet his sad smile. “Are you okay?”

Jensen swallowed hard against the sudden lump in his throat. Officially, he’d lost both of his parents today. Who knew what the rest of the extended family would say once they realized what had been going on just before they’d arrived at the farm. Even if Mackenzie, Martha and Ella were able to deflect the questions and comments here at the party, Jensen knew better than to think Alan wouldn’t be telling everyone they knew.

Josh had said he was coming back, but Jensen knew that their brotherly relationship had already been damaged during the Christmas visit and today certainly wouldn’t be what repaired it—Jensen didn’t think anything ever could. He had a daughter who was inside the main house and probably upset at seeing her papa being hit and her dad punching her grandfather. He had a sister whose very special day he’d managed to ruin. He didn’t know why any of them bothered with him… Alan was right in some ways—Jensen was nothing good.

Gerry stayed looking at him, his eyes holding nothing but concern and it made Jensen’s head hurt. Gerry had called him his son, had stuck up for him as well as his relationship with Jared. When Jared’s family brought him to the house, they’d brought Jensen too. He looked around the room, all of them looking back at him, no anger or blame or fear in their eyes.

Jensen had lost his parents today, maybe even a brother, some aunts and uncles. But what Jensen finally realized was that what he’d gained was so much more.

“Yeah,” he whispered, nodding his head. “I’m going to be just fine.”

Master Post || Chapter Nine || Chapter Eleven
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October 1st, 1964
Boston, Massachusetts

Jensen’s life felt surreal, like he was watching it on a movie screen instead of living it every day. Even now, Jensen wasn’t sure how everything had just seemed to… work out.

It had been well over a year since the night they’d been afraid that Jared had been killed and everything that Jensen had come to know in his life had been turned upside down. Jared stayed that night, wrapped in his arms, Jensen holding onto him as if his life depended on it, and then never went back home.

Slowly, Jared’s things started appearing in the house –- his work boots, a set or two of clothes, his books. Jensen was never sure what new thing he would find when it was time for them to sleep. He wasn’t sure when Jared even found the time to get the things he brought inside of the house without Jensen noticing, but he appreciated Jared not mentioning it.

Jensen, and the rest of their families, let it happen. It wasn’t something that they talked about, unless of course you were Jenna who liked to point out that she was happy her ‘Papa’ was now in the house all of the time where he should be. Not mentioning it was good because Jensen didn’t have to think about it, only accept it.

But today he was picking up Mackenzie from the train and he couldn’t ignore the fear that was choking him, snaking its thick, black tendrils up from the depths of his gut to claw at his throat. His grandparents had shocked him by accepting his relationship with Jared--Martha and Albert had accepted his increased presence within the house without question. But the rest of Jensen’s family?

He barely mentioned Jared when he talked to Josh, unless Josh asked about the Padaleckis and whenever he spoke to Mackenzie, they usually talked about her—her schooling, the boy she had feelings for, the newest dogma their father was obsessing over.

Jared had suggested making the trip with him, giving them a few hours away as just the two of them, and Jensen could still see the expression on Jared’s face when Jensen cut him off with a resounding ‘No way.’

Jared had slipped out of the house before Jensen had even finished showering, and he hadn’t gotten a chance to apologize for hurting his feelings or for explaining why he was so set against it. When he’d first told the families over dinner that Mackenzie was coming to stay with them for a while, there had had been a quiet exchange between his grandparents and he immediately knew what that look meant.

They were understanding, supportive at least, but that meant nothing for the rest of his immediate family members.
How was he supposed to hide his relationship with Jared from his younger sister while Jared was living in the same house? He had started to mention how they were going to have to hide their true relationship from Mackenzie, and Jared had quite suddenly gotten quiet, distant, and refused to talk about it any longer.

So now Jensen was sitting in the pick-up truck, his heart racing with more nerves than excitement about seeing his sister. He slipped out of the truck and stood near the front, waiting for Mackenzie to appear on the street. When he saw her blonde hair bobbing into view, he found himself smiling and opening his arms for her to bound into.

“Oh, Jensen!” She exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed him tightly. “You look so good!”

“So do you! You’ve grown up!” He found himself laughing as he wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her feet off the ground as he spun her around. “It’s been way too long.”

“I know, I missed you so much,” she replied, as she squeezed him once more before stepping back. “How’s my niece doing?”

“Good, really good. I can’t wait for you to see her.” Mackenzie smiled, eyes lighting up and something warmed inside of Jensen when he realized that Mackenzie could see her, hold her and play with her without the looming presence of their father. It hit him then that his sister hadn’t actually held Jenna before, not once had she been allowed to with their father in the house. “She is going to love you.”

“I really, really hope so,” Mackenzie whispered back and slid into the truck's passenger seat while Jensen loaded her two bags into the back. Jensen gave his sister another big smile, focusing on the excitement his daughter would feel at being able to meet her aunt for the first time, and not on the nerves that had returned to circulate through his stomach at introducing her to Jared.

“Are you sure you’re not too tired?” Jensen asked, worried as he glanced over at Jenna who had her little arms wrapped tightly around her aunt’s neck.

“I’m sure,” Mackenzie laughed, turning her head to look at Jenna. “We’re just going to hang out, right Jenna?” Jenna nodded happily and Mackenzie turned back to her brother with a raised eyebrow. “Our grandmother and Mrs. Padalecki are making dinner so I told them I wouldn’t mind playing with Jenna. If I wanted to rest, I would be doing so. Now go!”

Jensen sighed, shaking his head at his sister’s stubbornness. The moment they’d arrived back at the farm, their grandmother had had a lunch spread set up and Jenna had attached herself to Mackenzie’s side immediately. She'd had a million questions -- How did Mackenzie get her hair to be so curly, would her hair ever be that long, how long had it been since Mackenzie had seen her daddy, how many times had she come to the farm—and Mackenzie had answered every question with a laugh or a smile, barely touching her lunch because Jenna had kept her so busy talking.

When Jensen had tried to get Jenna away and distract her, Mackenzie had immediately shot him down and shooed him out of the dining room, just as she was doing now.

“I want to get to know my niece, Jensen! Don’t worry, she isn’t bothering me one bit.”

Jensen had given in and let Mackenzie balance her lunch and his daughter in whatever way she saw fit. Martha had just rolled her eyes at him, patted his cheek and told him that he worried way too much.

Four hours later, Jenna still hadn’t relinquished her hold on Mackenzie. The fifteen-year-old shrugged off
Jensen’s worried glances and disappeared with Jenna out into the farmyard so she could be shown where all the animals lived.

“Well, don’t hesitate to tell her to go and play elsewhere if you do want to lie down. You’ve just traveled for two days…” Jensen said in parting, getting an eye roll from his sister, before he kissed Jenna’s head and disappeared into the barn to do the nightly milking for the cows.

“Your daddy worries too much,” Mackenzie laughed when he’d disappeared and pulled Jenna up onto her lap. Jenna had a picture book clutched in her hand and once she was settled, started flipping through the pages. “Does he always worry so much?”

“Yes!” Jenna answered, nodding her head very seriously. “Papa tells him that all of the time, too.”

“Oh does he?” Mackenzie nodded thoughtfully. “Does Papa help your Daddy with the cows?”

Jenna screwed up her face and shook her head. “No… Papa is afraid of the cows.”

Mackenzie paused, cocking her head to look down at Jenna who had stopped on a picture of Beauty and the Beast.

“What do you mean? Papa can’t be afraid of the cows… He’s had the cows for a very long time you know. Built this farm when my daddy was even younger than you!”

Jenna turned around on Mackenzie’s lap, her small face screwed up in confusion. “Grampy Al owned the farm before my daddy did… not Papa. Daddy always makes fun of him for being afraid of cows ‘cause he lives on a cow farm.”

“Jenna…” Mackenzie asked slowly, “Who’s Papa?”

“My papa is Jared,” Jenna said, matter-of-factly, and in Mackenzie’s silence, she turned back to the picture book she had in her hands. “Can you read me this story? It’s my favorite but Daddy and Papa don’t do the voices right.”

“Oh, um,” Mackenzie stumbled for a moment, trying to wrap her head around the information Jenna had just given her, but quickly recovered. “Sure, I can do that…” She cleared her throat and leaned back with Jenna into the cushions of the couch and started to read.

“Alright, bed time!” Jensen clapped his hands together, looking over at Jenna who was wrapped up in a bathrobe Martha had made her, hair still damp from her bath.

“But Daddy!” Jenna whined, and Jensen was quick to give her an admonishing look.

“Nope, it’s already way past your bedtime. Aunt Mac will be here in the morning when you get up and you’ll have plenty of time to spend with her.”

With a small pout, Jenna nodded and slipped off of her aunt’s lap. She made her way across the room and reached for Jared’s hand, making Jensen freeze as he moved to push off the couch.

“Oh.” Jared’s voice was surprised, and he looked between Jenna and Jensen quickly. “Am I reading to you tonight?”

“Yes, please!” Jenna answered, and Jared responded by picking her up. Jensen felt his heart rate pick up and he watched the two of them leave the room, grateful he hadn’t heard Jenna call Jared ‘Papa’. When he looked back over at his sister, Mackenzie’s green eyes had followed Jared and Jenna’s retreat and were still fixed on the doorway they’d disappeared through.

Jensen’s heart skipped a beat.

“Mackenzie?” he asked softly, clearing his throat. She jumped slightly and turned to face him, a brilliant smile on her lips.

“Jenna is a darling,” she sighed happily and leaned back into the couch. “And I understand why you wanted to come back here all those years...” Her voice was suddenly soft, almost sad sounding, and Jensen reached across the couch for her hand.

“I’m really glad you decided to come... Even if the situation wasn’t the best...” They fell into silence then, both lost in their own thoughts. When Mackenzie had called at the end of the summer, scared and sobbing, Jensen did the only thing he could think of and cleared a room for her. They hadn’t talked about it in detail—Mackenzie only saying that their father’s drinking had gotten worse and unbearable for her—and Jensen only hoped that his imagination was worse than her reality had been.

“I am too,” Mackenzie whispered after a second, leaning towards Jensen to rest her head on his shoulder. “Did you tell Josh I was here?”

“Yeah, I think he’s planning on coming for Christmas with the family if he can get away from work.” Mackenzie nodded her head and Jensen leaned down to rest his cheek against her hair. He closed his eyes and smiled, glad to be able to be with his sister again.

“I really like Jared,” she broke the silence again, and Jensen felt himself stiffen. Mackenzie continued, his reaction seemingly unnoticed, “and he’s really good with Jenna. I’m glad she has him.”

“Yeah,” Jensen squeezed out, glad his voice sounded mostly normal. “He, ah... Everyone on the farm is really taken with her.”

“Well, I’m really glad she’s got such a great family.” Mackenzie lifted her head, giving him a small smile before pressing her lips against his cheek softly. “I am glad you’re happy too,” she whispered before pushing away from him. “I’m going to bed... see you in the morning.”

“Yeah, okay. Night Mac...” Jensen nodded after her and sat frozen on the couch until Jared returned to fetch him. Jared pulled him up from the couch and Jensen gave him a small smile, allowing himself to be lead up the stairs. When they reached the top, Jensen’s eyes flicked over to Mackenzie’s closed door, and he stared at it until they were safely behind their own bedroom door. He clicked the lock, something he never did, and turned towards their bed.

If Jared noticed, he didn’t say anything.

December 25th, 1964
Somerset, Vermont

Jensen exhaled slowly, watching his steamy breath as it puffed around him in the cold air. It had snowed again last night, a fine dusting covering the barn and the yard, the white crystals sparkling dully in the predawn light. Jensen smiled to himself as he let himself into the barn, rubbing his gloved hands together before he went to fetch the first cow.

Jared had gotten up with him, too. The two of them were determined to get most of the chores done early, before the rest of the two households woke up. Jared was tending to the rest of the animals, and once Jensen was finished with the milking, they would both be able to wake up Jenna and have her see what Saint Nick had brought her.

He smiled as he pictured the wooden toboggan that Jared had spent the past month making in the hay loft and knew that the fresh snow from last night made perfect sledding conditions. Jared came to find him after all his chores had been completed, though he stayed at the barn’s doorway, eyes trailing nervously over the cow Jensen was working on.

“Almost done.” He chuckled at the expression on Jared’s face and turned back to finish what he was doing. Jared made a soft noise, content to lean against the doorframe and wait for Jensen to finish, even with the chill hanging in the air.

Jensen put the cows back in their pen, checked their food and water levels, and returned to the main part of the barn to see Jared putting the last of the milk into the storage tank, except for the small metal container Jensen had set aside for Martha. Jensen smiled and closed the distance between them, pressing his lips against Jared’s and soaking in his warmth.

“Merry Christmas, Jensen,” Jared breathed against his lips before kissing him again. Jensen smiled and wrapped his arms around Jared, pulling him close. Both of them knew this might be the only moment they could have alone together until it was time to retire for bed that night.

“Love you,” Jensen whispered back, pulling back to kiss Jared’s cheek one last time before releasing him. “Let’s go wake Jenna up.”

“Alright,” Jared agreed and pushed open the barn door, leading them out into an onslaught of frigid wind. When they reached the house, Gerry, Sherri and Megan were already making their way over towards the main house where Martha had begun preparing breakfast.

Mackenzie met them at the stairs with an excited Jenna bouncing in her arms. Josh stood behind her with his wife Ella holding their two-year-old son Christopher in her arms. Jensen and Jared nodded good morning to them all, and Jenna nearly burst from excitement.

“Merry Christmas, Daddy!” Jenna exclaimed, reaching out her arms for Jensen’s neck the moment he was within reach. “Can I see what Santa brought me?”

“Merry Christmas, baby girl,” Jensen kissed her on the nose once before setting her down on the floor. “And yes! Let’s go have a look!” Jenna bounded out of the kitchen, the Ackles’ siblings hot on her heels. Ella, Martha and Sherri followed along behind with trays filled with mugs of hot coffee and all of the fixings.

Jared came in behind them with his father and Albert, and everyone took seats around the Christmas tree. Jared sat beside Megan on the floor, his sister leaning into him, and Jensen smiled when Mackenzie mimicked the move and rested her head against his shoulder. Jenna was sitting on his lap, bouncing with just barely contained anticipation as she looked over the gifts adorning the skirt at the bottom of the tree.

Albert and Gerry took turns passing out the presents and even though this was now his third Christmas at the farm, it never ceased to amaze Jensen how comfortable and relaxed it was. Christmas back in Texas had never been like this. Josh had been the one to pass out the presents, and Jensen couldn’t remember the last time his father had made it into the living room to participate in even the smallest way.

Jenna was glowing by the time they’d finished, smiling at all of her gifts spread out before her. She’d gotten a new doll, complete with enough dresses to rival her own wardrobe, and she had it positioned beside a stuffed dog at the front of her new sled.

She was happily munching on a candy cane, her mouth stained bright red, as Mackenzie finished opening up her new Polaroid camera from their grandparents.

“Alright, I want pictures!” Mackenzie called out, loading the film box into the camera and pushing to her feet. She first took a picture of the Padalecki family, then Albert and Martha, next Josh and his family, and then turned to Jensen and Jenna. Jensen climbed up onto the couch and Jared shifted to move out of the picture. “Jenna, why don’t you sit between your Daddy and your Papa?” Mackenzie said, and the whole room froze.

“Okay!” Jenna agreed, oblivious, and quickly reached for Jared, beaming as she sat with one half of her body on each of their legs. Mackenzie reminded them to smile before snapping the picture.

Jensen thought his heart was going to beat right out of his chest.

Martha cleared her throat and stood, kissing Mackenzie’s cheek before asking Sherri and Ella to help her get the rest of breakfast set on the table. Jensen felt Jared slowly move away and slip from the room with his father, leaving just the remaining Ackles family in the living room.

“Jenna?” Jensen asked after a moment, giving his daughter a smile. “Why don’t you see if you can help Grammy set out the nice silverware?”

“Okay, Daddy!” Jenna placed her doll carefully on the sled, leaning down to give her a kiss before leaving the room, humming along to the Christmas song playing in her head. The room was silent and Jensen could feel both of his siblings’ eyes on him.

“How?” he asked after a moment, kicking at a discarded piece of wrapping paper with his socked foot.

“Jensen,” Mackenzie sighed and threw herself onto the couch beside him, looping their arms together. “Jenna told me the first day I was here.”

Jensen turned to her then, eyes wide. All this time he’d been worried... worried he would give something away if he looked at Jared for too long, worried about Jenna relying too much on the younger man for things that only her parent should be doing and Mackenzie figuring it out. Worrying that Jared would soon get fed up with being put on the back burner and almost hidden the moment they walked out of their bedroom –making sure to go to bed later than Mackenzie and get up before her— and Mac had already known.

Josh however, had not. “Wait... What?” he asked from the floor, shooting looks between his siblings and then over his shoulder to where their grandfather sat quietly watching them all. “I don’t understand. You can’t possibly mean...”

Mackenzie rolled her eyes and raised an eyebrow as she looked at Josh. Jensen knew the look on her face, had spent enough years with Mackenzie to know her looks and quirks, while Josh had spent most of her childhood working or away. He stared right back at her until it dawned on him what she meant and his eyes widened.

“Josh...” Jensen said slowly, watching as an array of emotions played out over his brother’s face.

“How long?” Josh demanded and Jensen flinched visibly at the tone in his brother’s voice. Josh’s verdant eyes snapped up, pinning Jensen to the spot and he felt Mackenzie stiffen at his side.

“Josh... It’s Christmas...” she whispered, but Josh’s gaze was unwavering.

“I... does it matter?” Jensen answered, giving a small shrug. Josh blinked once, shaking his head slowly.

“I don’t... you have a child...” Josh trailed off, and a look of disgust crossed his face before he could hide it.

“And so do you, what does that have to do with anything?” Mackenzie fired at him and Jensen closed his eyes, not wanting to see the expression on Josh’s face as he turned to Mackenzie.

“I’m married and certainly not a fa-"

“Enough.” Albert’s voice was soft, but the tone was sharp and it silenced the room, save for the pounding of Jensen’s heart forcing blood through his veins. Josh tore his eyes away from Mackenzie and glared at their grandfather. “I will not have that horrible word used in my house,” he told Josh sternly, fixing him with just as hard of a stare. With a soft but commanding tone, Albert finished, “Who your brother chooses to love and who chooses to love him and that little girl does not affect anyone in this room, other than Jensen himself and his little one. Your brother is the same man he was this morning and you seemed just fine with him then.”

“I don’t have a problem,” Josh replied, shrugging his shoulders, but Jensen didn’t need to see his brother’s face to know he was lying. His heart squeezed and he kept silent, watching as Josh pushed up from the floor. “I’m going to see if Ella needs me to take Christopher.”

When he had left, Mackenzie reached for Jensen’s hand. “I’m sorry... I didn’t think. I just... wanted you to know that I knew and that I didn’t care...”

“It’s not your fault, Mac,” Jensen answered, hoping the smile he gave her was enough for her to drop it. She nodded once, leaning back against his shoulder and giving a small sigh.

“He’ll come around. Josh loves you,” she said, and Jensen couldn’t do anything except nod. He looked up and met Albert’s kind eyes and his fond, small smile. But deep in his heart Jensen knew that Mackenzie was wrong.

March 29th, 1965
Somerset, Vermont

Jensen paced the front porch, eyes trained towards the driveway.

“Jensen? Come on, come inside…” Jared sighed from the screen door, watching as Jensen turned around again.

“She said she would be home by ten. It’s almost ten thirty!” Jensen looked at his watch quickly and then shot Jared a look. The younger man was smirking at him, and Jensen scowled before turning away.

“Oh, I just can’t wait for Jenna to go out on a date,” Jared chuckled, and Jensen froze.

“You’re not even funny.” He shook his head, the look on his face only causing Jared to laugh harder. Jared slipped out of the door completely and moved behind Jensen, wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him back against his chest.

“You’re over-reacting,” he whispered against Jensen’s ear before kissing it, smiling as a shiver went through Jensen’s body.

“I am not. It’s snowing out... they could get in an accident or—"

“They could be having fun...” Jared interjected, squeezing once before releasing him. “Jense, she’s been seeing this guy for over two months now.”

“And he never brings her home on time!” Jensen turned around, exasperated. “I mean, if the guy doesn’t even know how to tell time, then I really don’t know what she sees in him.”

“His bright blue eyes? The way he laughs? The leather jacket that is just—" Jared stopped mid-sentence and laughed when Jensen caught his eye. “Oh, come on, don’t give me that look.”

“You’re checking out my little sister’s boyfriend.” Jensen shook his head.

“He’s got nothing on you,” Jared whispered, pulling Jensen back in.

“Not going to cut it.” Jensen shook his head but let himself lean back into Jared’s arms. They stood, watching the snow slowly falling to the ground, until headlights appeared coming from down the road. Jensen straightened and pushed Jared back. “Come on!” He shoved past Jared and into the house, holding the door open for a laughing Jared.

“Mackenzie probably already knows that you’ve been waiting for her,” Jared laughed, trailing after Jensen into the living room. Jensen ignored him and reached for a book, opening it to the middle as he quickly curled up on the couch and pretended to read. Jared sank down beside him, propping his feet up onto the edge of the coffee table.

Jensen flipped the book open to the middle and stared at the unread page, waiting for the sound of Lee Seymour’s Mustang doors –because of course, the guy had a Mustang—signaling that Mackenzie would be on her way inside. Jared’s elbow to his side had Jensen looking up to see Mackenzie pulling her boyfriend along with her into the house.

Jensen put the book down, eyes flicking between the two of them, suddenly nervous. Although they’d met the young man a few times, Martha having insisted that Mackenzie invite him over for dinner a few times, he’d never before come inside after dropping Mackenzie off after one of their dates.

Instantly, Jensen remembered being dragged inside to the Sheppard house with Rosemary to announce their pregnancy to her parents and his heart stopped. He tensed and felt Jared shoot him a look, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his little sister who was shifting nervously in the doorway. Lee cleared his throat and Jensen slid his eyes over and up to his face.

“Jensen... Mr. Ackles, Sir...” Jensen heard Jared stifle a laugh at the name and he fought the urge to glare at him. Instead, he pushed off of the couch and crossed the room to stand before Lee and Mackenzie, his arms crossed, and what he hoped was an imposing look on his face.

“Jensen,” Mackenzie sighed, knowing exactly what her older brother was doing. He ignored her, eyes trained on Lee’s face—the sweat that was breaking out over the boy’s upper lip, the way his eyes kept darting nervously to Jensen’s.

“I... I want to ask you for Mackenzie’s hand... in marriage, I mean…” Jensen felt his eyes widen and heard the sharp intake of breath from Jared behind him. Lee pressed on quickly, barely giving Jensen a second to register his words. “Mackenzie and I haven’t been together long, I know that, but I have fallen madly in love with this girl. She’s stolen my heart.”

Jensen glanced over at Mackenzie who was smiling broadly, staring at Lee’s face while he talked.

“I’ve just joined the military,” the boy continued and Jensen’s eyes snapped back to his. “I’m now part of the 76th Infantry division in the Army Reserves. I’ll be starting my training soon and then I plan on going to law school. I want the same things Mackenzie does… a family to call my own, a wife and kids to provide for and love. And I can give her all that and more when I finish law school.

“You’re her older brother, sir... but Mackenzie has told me enough to know that your blessing and acceptance would mean the world to her, much more than it would coming from your father. You’re the most important man in her life. So, I am asking you for your blessing.”

Jensen stared at Lee, standing almost at attention as he stared back at Jensen, hopeful eyes nearly pleading, waiting in the awkward silence. Beside him Mackenzie was glaring. Jensen was at a loss for what words to say.

He glanced at Mackenzie and met her eyes. “I love him, Jen.”

What he wanted to ask her was, why? Why would she choose someone who willingly signs their life away to the Army? Someone who will get deployed and come back cold, calloused and uncaring … like their father. They were barely old enough to know what they wanted—Mackenzie had just turned sixteen, the boy beside her just out of high school and they’d already talked about children and marriage? Jensen swallowed the lump in his throat and felt Jared stir from behind him, fighting back the urge to lean into the warmth of his body.

Mackenzie looked so beautiful, hopeful as she waited for her brother’s response. Jensen knew that no matter what he said, even if he threw Lee out right now, it wouldn’t change the way Mackenzie felt about the man, only the way she would feel about Jensen. How could he explain to her the fear he had about Mackenzie ending up like their mother without having her scoff and roll her eyes? She was young, and in love, and nothing Jensen could say would change that. Life and its reality would be the one to change it.

Jensen promised himself right then and there that he would be the one to pick up the pieces—any of them—and make sure that Mackenzie always had a safe place to call home. Out loud he promised them something else. “I will give you my blessing, because I want Mackenzie happy more than anything. But, I will ensure that happiness, no matter what the cost.”

A moment of confusion passed over Lee’s face before he smiled and reached for Jensen’s hand, giving him a firm handshake before Mackenzie squealed and wrapped her arms around Jensen’s neck. Jensen gave her a hug back and then excused himself, taking the stairs two at a time to his room. Jared followed nearly fifteen minutes later, and the moment the door was closed, Jensen was on him.

“Jensen,” Jared started as Jensen worked at the buttons of his clothes, freeing him of them before shoving him back onto their bed. Jared bounced once against the mattress, gasping out loud, before Jensen was over him.

“Shut up,” Jensen whispered, claiming Jared’s mouth with his own. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Jared nodded once and Jensen reached for the light on the nightstand, plunging the room into darkness.

They moved together, touching and kissing in the dark. Jared’s hands pressed and pulled against him, rolling them over until he could slip down Jensen’s body, his mouth and teeth leaving a trail as he went. Jensen let his eyes fall closed, his hands knotting into Jared’s hair and he realized that he and Jared would never have that. Jensen would never be able to ask his father, or Gerry, for Jared’s hand in marriage—they were never going to be married.

As Jared slipped between his legs, filling him completely and his name on Jared’s lips, Jensen’s last thought, before he pushed everything else besides Jared away, was that at least hidden in the dark, they could have this, they could have each other. Mackenzie deserved to shine in the light.

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October 20th, 1962
Somerset, Vermont

Jensen made his way through the woods, singing to Jenna who would chime in every once in a while with a couple of words she could remember. Jensen laughed along with her, humming and encouraging her to do the words; she stumbled over half of them, but to Jensen’s ears there wasn’t any better music out there.

When they reached the clearing, Jensen looked up to see that Jared was already sitting at the base of the oak, a large blanket spread out underneath him. As they got closer it looked like he’d snagged some maple candy from the kitchen before he set out for the oak. Jenna was going to love him for that.

He smiled when Jared looked up and met his eyes and was about to open his mouth to call out a greeting when Jenna beat him to it.

“Papa!” She cried out, her arms outstretched and fingers wiggling for Jared. Both of the men froze, Jared midway from pushing off of the ground, as Jenna squirmed harder in Jensen’s arms. “Papa! Daddy, it’s Papa!”

“That’s… Jared, Jenna,” Jensen corrected and slowly set Jenna on the ground. She stumbled once in the long grass before she bolted forward to where Jared was still frozen.

“No, Papa!” Jenna argued and giggled when Jared finally reached for her and lifted her up into a hug. His eyes were wide and he looked over the top of her head to Jensen, unsure of what to do. Though he had no idea where Jenna picked it up, he was shocked at the jolt it gave his heart.

“Ignore it?” he mouthed to Jared, giving him a small shrug. Although it may have been endearing to hear, it wasn’t fair to any of them involved. And if his grandparents or the Padaleckis heard Jenna call Jared that? Jared nodded once, eyes still wide as if he’d been caught red-handed, and Jensen turned his attention to his daughter.

The three-year-old was sitting between Jared’s legs, snacking on one of the maple candies she’d taken from the bag Jared had, and was recounting a tale about her morning in the kitchen with her Grandma and Aunt Sherri. Jensen bit his lower lip—maybe letting Jenna call Gerry and Sherri Aunt and Uncle had stemmed the ‘Papa’ name for Jared… Though, Jensen highly doubted Jenna truly understood the way a family tree worked.

They stayed in the comforting shade of the big oak tree, Jenna telling them a halting, fanciful story about a flying horse that picked up lost children and brought them to live at a magical farm, until it was time to head back to their afternoon chores. Jensen still had to round up the cows and get them fed and prepared for milking that evening, and Jared offered to help Jenna search for the perfect pumpkin to carve into a jack-o'-lantern.

“Jared would probably love to help you carry it if you choose a really, really big one.” Jensen smiled down at her, swinging her small hand in his as they walked. Jenna gave him a strange look but didn’t correct him on the name.

“Okay!” she agreed and beamed up at Jared, dropping her dad’s hand so that Jared would carry her instead.

“You’re almost getting too big for this…” Jared grumbled, but he was smiling, both dimples showing when he had her secured in his arms. Jenna laughed and immediately started playing with Jared’s hair, talking to him about how her daddy wouldn’t grow his longer, even though she’d asked him nicely and with a cherry-on-top.

Jensen shook his head and watched them continue down the path, separating from him when they reached the barn. Jared looked so carefree, so different than Jensen himself had felt at eighteen, as he walked with Jenna, bouncing her lightly in his arms, and it made something inside of Jensen ache so badly.

July 19th, 1963
Somerset, Vermont

“Jared, stop,” Jensen sighed against Jared’s lips and pushed at his chest. They were in the barn, in their loft, and what was supposed to be a quick kiss between their chores was quickly getting heated. It had been happening a lot more lately, Jared pushing the boundaries that Jensen had very clearly set when they started out on this journey. And really, Jensen didn’t want to stop, he had never wanted anything less. But they were in the open, they could get caught…

“Make up your mind!” Jared suddenly hissed, ripping his hands away from Jensen when he reached for him again. His eyes flashed and Jensen felt fear and guilt swirl through his gut at the sudden reaction. It was rare for Jared to be anything less than happy and excited, but to see him angry… it sent a strange warmth pooling in Jensen’s stomach and he had to take a step back from him. Jared’s eyes followed him, still angry, still sharp, and Jensen closed his eyes, shaking his head.

He wanted to tell Jared that he knew, that he understood how hard this was, that he wanted this just as badly. But it was dangerous… what they were doing was so very, very dangerous. He met Jared’s eyes, pleading with his own, trying to get him to see. Jared laughed, the sound cold and harsh as tears filled his eyes. “Sometimes I wish I’d never met you at all, Jensen.”

“Jared, please …don’t say that,” Jensen felt his heart clench, as if it was preparing itself against being ripped from his chest, digging in its roots. He felt instantly cold, a chill going down his spine as he started back at Jared whose impassive expression made Jensen want to vomit.

“No, I’m serious. You can hide all you want, I’m not ashamed of who I am, Jensen. I can’t do this anymore… the sneaking around and hiding. It’s been two years, Jensen. The people who truly matter? They won’t care…” Jared shook his head, swallowing hard before he spat, “I’ll tell everyone! I’ll scream it to the goddamn world, and you’ll be the one who’s still alone.” Jensen gasped sharply, the sound so raw and desperate it made them both flinch.

Jensen didn’t know what to say to that. Jared was wrong. People would care, their entire lives would change and nothing would ever be the same. This farm, everything that their families had built over the years could be gone in the blink of an eye. Jenna… Jenna could be taken from him and there would be nothing in the world he could do. His stomach flipped at the very thought of it and he felt himself begin to tremble.

Jared laughed once more and then started down the ladder of the loft, shaking his head as he went. He glanced up at Jensen when he was at the bottom and opened his mouth like he was going to add something. Jensen wanted him to, desperately. He wanted Jared to realize how foolish he was being, wanted Jared to climb back up the ladder and come back into his arms. Instead, Jared stalked away shaking his head ruefully, before he ripped the barn door open and fled into the night, leaving Jensen alone.

Jensen waited there in the loft for what felt like hours—and maybe it was. By the time he went back inside, his grandparents were all ready for bed; Martha had curlers in her hair, Albert was in his bathrobe, and they were sitting around the kitchen table with their mugs of warm milk listening to the radio. It had been turned down low so all Jensen could hear was the soft murmuring.

“Jensen?” Martha looked up and gave her grandson a small smile. “Jared get home okay?”

Jensen sighed. He sank down into a free chair and laid his arms across the table. “I… don’t know,” he shrugged after a moment. “We were… arguing about… some of the work I asked him to do today. He was pretty mad. I don’t know where he would go if he didn’t go home, though.”

Martha and Albert exchanged looks across the table and Albert nodded once before pushing out of his chair.

“I’ll be right back,” he said and left the kitchen. Jensen heard the creak of the screen door opening and he looked at his grandmother in confusion.

“Where is he going?” Martha shrugged and looked down at her hands, obviously wanting to wait for Albert to return before explaining. Jensen’s heart skipped a beat when he thought of what his grandfather was doing. Did he think Jensen couldn’t handle a simple argument? Although he appreciated and respected his grandparents’ opinions… if Albert was going to get Jared? He shuddered at the thought of what might come out of Jared’s angry mouth.

When Albert came back he looked pale. Jensen shot up straighter in his seat, suddenly worried at the expression on his grandfather’s face.

“He’s not home,” Albert said, his attention focused completed on his wife. “Sherri said she hadn’t heard him come in, checked his room and he’s not there…”

“Oh, Albert… do you think….” Martha’s voice was strained and Jensen looked between them completely confused at why they were so worried that he and Jared had had an argument.

“He’s probably just blowing off steam. He’ll be where he needs to be in the morning, why are you so worried?” Albert shook his head but it was Martha, her eyes swimming with unshed tears that had Jensen feeling like a bucket of ice water had been dumped over his head. “What?” he whispered. “What am I missing?”

“Jensen… There was an attack in town…” Albert started and Martha tore her eyes away and looked down at her hands which were now clenched into a tight knot on the tabletop.

“Okay…” Jensen said slowly. “What kind of attack?”

“A... homosexual man was… attacked.”

Jensen’s eyes widened and his heart stopped completely. He felt the knot forming in his throat and his eyes darted back and forth between his grandparents.

“But, Jared—” He started, not knowing what he could possibly say to that. His mind was going a million miles per hour. Had Jared really gone to town and screamed of his sexuality? Jared wouldn’t be that stupid… But if he had… Jensen swallowed hard, focusing on his grandfather’s face.

“Jensen, we’ve known for a while now about Jared.”

“And about you…,” Martha added softly, one gnarled hand reaching towards him to squeeze his arm gently.

“Why do you… why do you think it’s Jared?” Jensen whispered, pushing back the rise of bile in his throat and fighting back the urge to flee. They knew, they knew about him and Jared. How did they know? What did they know?

“They described the man on the radio, and from what they described…” Albert replied slowly and Jensen was on his feet.

“Okay… okay, well then… I’ll have to go to the hospital… I have to get him.”

“Jensen... No…” Martha whispered and a tear streaked down her cheek. Jensen watched as it rolled down her face, paused at a wrinkle on her cheek before dropping down onto the hardwood table.

“Son… the poor man… the man was beaten to death.”

“Jensen?” His grandmother was at his side, touching his face, her eyes wide and alarmed. Vaguely, Jensen realized the chair he’d just vacated was now on the floor, but he hadn’t heard the crash, hadn’t remembered causing it to fall. “Jensen!”

He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move. He felt as if he had swallowed a rock and was going to choke to death on it…or maybe it was his heart…

Now, all he could picture was Jared lying bloodied in a ditch, dirt and blood marring his beautiful face. Jared, choking on his own blood, gasping for breath as pain wracked his body. Jared left to die. He heard a sob, felt something rip out of his throat, but couldn’t register the two as being one in the same. His grandmother slapped him and he gasped, sucking in a deep breath, tears streaming down his face.

“Where …was it?” he demanded, eyes widening as he took in his grandfather’s expression… pity and a strange sort of understanding. But he couldn’t know, he couldn’t know what Jensen was feeling. “Where is he?”

“I… I don’t know,” came the reply and Jensen tore out of his grandmother’s arms and burst from the house, the cool night air sending a chill up his spine. Nausea rolled through his stomach. He tore past Jared’s house, eyes darting up to Jared’s bedroom window where, normally, his light would still be on and he would be reading until the early hours of the morning.

The room was dark, just like the rest of the house, and Jensen cried out in frustration. He ran through the barn, calling Jared’s name, not caring if he woke up the Padaleckis in his frantic search. He was met with an odd silence, not even the crickets out in the fields were singing their songs.

“The tree…” Jensen whispered to himself and spun in the yard. He raced down the driveway, flinging himself through the front gate and across the road to where the path through the woods was. He tore through it, tripping over the underbrush in the darkness. When he reached the tree, he felt like his heart had officially been ripped from his chest.

He fell to his knees, heaving as giant sobs ripped through his chest. It couldn’t be true. Jared couldn’t be dead. He screamed in frustration, punching his fist into the tree. He punched it again, and again, welcoming the sharp sting of pain in his fingers.

He should have told Jared. He should have told him that he loved him too. God forgive him, he was in love with Jared. And Jared would never know; Jared was killed because of it. Jensen leaned forward, gripping the gnarled root of the tree beneath his knees.

Jensen should have pushed Jared away sooner. He should have made Jared go to school, refused to keep him on as hired help or something, anything to get him to leave. Jensen felt empty, cold, and everything hurt. It was his fault. He killed Jared, he killed him by loving him, by not loving him enough to make him go…

Because then Jared would still be alive. Beautiful, strong and smart Jared… everything Jensen could only ever hope to be. Jared had been near perfect, so full of life, always smiling and ready to lend a helping hand – no matter who you were. He had a positive spin to add to everything, always lifted Jensen’s spirits when he was down. He had a fire that burned within him that helped ignite something inside of Jensen and he knew that in the short time they’d been close, Jared had already made him a better person.

And Jenna... What was he supposed to tell Jenna? She thought the world of Jared. Already, Jensen saw so much of Jared reflected in his daughter, more than just their similar looks. Although they’d since discouraged her calling Jared ‘Papa’, Jensen couldn’t deny that it was probably the most accurate name she could have given him. Jared cared as much for Jenna as Jensen himself did. The thought of telling Jenna that Jared would never be coming back had vomit rising to his throat.

Maybe he should’ve let Jenna and Jared have that—now Jared would never have kids, would never make it out of his teenage years. Jared would never be able to live up to all the potential Jensen knew he possessed. And because of what? Because someone disapproved of whom Jared loved? It made Jensen sick, that someone with such a beautiful soul could be treated as such. Jensen knew in his heart there was no way someone like Jared would ever be damned, no matter whom or what he decided to love. God could never be that cruel.


Jensen choked on a sob, his head flying up as he watched a tall figure approaching him. Jensen stared dumbly until all of Jared’s features were illuminated by the moonlight.

“Jensen, what-"

“Jared!” Jensen threw himself forward then, pushing off the ground and into Jared’s arms in one swift movement. Jared’s body was hard, firm and warm. “You’re alive! Oh God, you’re alive,” he was sobbing against Jared’s chest, clinging to his body as if Jared were the only thing keeping him grounded here on Earth. And maybe he was.

In response, Jared wrapped his arms around him, rocking their bodies together. He shushed him softly, the same way he soothed Jenna when she scraped her knee or became frightened. At first, it only made Jensen cry harder. Jared kissed the side of Jensen’s face, his hands rubbing soothing circles down Jensen’s back until the older man finally calmed down.

Jensen collapsed back onto the ground, sucking in a shaky breath as he pulled Jared down beside him. Jared leaned back against the tree, watching Jensen carefully. Slowly, Jared reached up and wiped the remaining tears from Jensen’s face.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, and Jensen shook his head, leaning into his touch. Instead of answering, Jensen turned and sealed their lips together. Jared made a surprised sound in his throat but quickly regained his composure and kissed Jensen back, just as deeply.

Part of Jensen briefly wondered if Jared was still mad from their fight. The rest of him decided it didn’t matter; none of it mattered because Jared was here, Jared was alive. He pushed against Jared and Jared allowed himself to be pushed back until he was lying flat on the ground. Jared shifted once, adjusting his body so that whatever was digging into him –rocks, roots, twisted up grass—wasn’t digging in so painfully and then Jensen was on him.

Jensen found Jared’s lips again. He licked Jared’s lower lip, sucking it into his mouth gently and Jared responded with a soft moan that sent a shock through Jensen’s body. He slotted their legs together; ground his hips down against Jared’s thigh. He let his hands trail up between their bodies, pushing Jared’s shirt up and out of the way. His hands were cold and Jared shivered under his touch.

Jensen kissed him harder, fingers digging into Jared’s skin as he mapped out every inch of him he could reach. As his hands trailed back down, fingers dancing across the hemline of Jared’s jeans, Jared moaned into Jensen’s mouth again. There was nothing else in the world like that sound and Jensen would do everything in his power to hear it again. He flicked the top button of Jared’s jeans, slipped his hand beneath the fabric, and then his fingers were brushing against Jared’s length. Jared’s eyes widened in shock and Jensen realized how in his desperate need to be against Jared, they’d never actually gone this far.

Although Jared had tried, more than once, Jensen had always pushed him away, drawn back before things advanced too far, before things could get to the point where there would be no turning back. Jensen looked up and met Jared’s wide eyes, full of fear, anticipation, and so full of that beautiful hope that Jared never seemed to lack. Jensen pulled back, ignoring the look of disappointment on Jared’s face, and cupped his cheeks with both of his hands.

“I thought you were dead,” he whispered and Jared’s disappointment was replaced with confusion. He opened his mouth to ask, but Jensen pressed a finger against his lips. “I was so afraid I had lost you, before I ever had the chance to tell you. And it may be wrong… hell, Jared, it is wrong. But so help me, I love you, Jared Padalecki. I love you more than anything.” Jared made a strangled sound in his throat and Jensen leaned forward, crushing their lips together.

“I should’ve told you,” he whispered, kissing Jared softly. “I’m scared, I’m absolutely terrified of this, but what scares me more is losing you.”

“Jensen,” Jared whispered, tears shining in his eyes. "I don’t understand...” he stopped and shook his head, pressing his head up into the crook of Jensen’s neck. He laughed softly, his breath warm against Jensen’s skin. “I love you, too.”

Jensen wrapped his arms around Jared’s shoulders, holding them together. Jared smiled against Jensen’s skin and pressed a soft kiss just beneath his ear. Jared’s hands were tentative as they traveled up Jensen’s back, and Jensen realized that Jared was giving him this, giving him all of the control. Jensen felt his heart surge, and he returned his attention to showering Jared with as many kisses as possible.

Jared hummed under his hands, his skin shivering and heating with every touch. Jensen had never felt so alive as he did right then. He leaned down, pressing his lips against the pulse point in Jared’s neck, kissing the spot, feeling the soft flutter against his lips. Jensen couldn’t feel where he ended and Jared began, their bodies morphing into one.

Slowly, they undressed one another; shirts and t-shirts becoming the blanket beneath them. Jensen’s stomach was in knots the entire time, but it was something so completely different than the way he’d felt with Rosemary. He was nervous, afraid he would do something wrong and end up hurting Jared, but even with the anticipation fluttering in his stomach, this felt right.

Jensen wasn’t sure what to think about that; he’d analyze it later if he truly had to. Right then, he was surrounded by everything Jared. His heat, his mouth, his body and soul, and as Jared pushed on Jensen’s shoulders, rolling them over, Jensen had never wanted anything more.

They kissed slowly, hands exploring every inch of one another. Now with Jared finally pressed against him, both of them naked as they day they were born, Jensen felt his himself freeze. Jared pulled back slightly and met his eyes, matching Jensen’s nervous smile.

“I... I don’t know what to do now,” Jensen said with a soft laugh, feeling his cheeks flush a deep red. Jared nodded once and kissed Jensen softly.

“We don’t have to do anything,” he whispered back. “I’m just happy to be with you. Just to feel you…”

Jensen swallowed hard, the next words escaping his lips surprising them both. “I want you to, Jared... I want you to make love to me.” He felt Jared’s body roll against him, knew that Jared was on board with the idea.

“Okay,” Jared whispered, his voice strained. Jensen smiled at him, pushing back the knot of nerves forming in his stomach, and leaned up to kiss Jared again.

“I don’t know...” Jensen felt himself blush again and he looked down. He’d only been with one woman before and he was sure Jared had never been with anyone. When his dreams had traveled this far, things were always ready, easy, and Jensen knew that reality was way more complicated. “I’ve never... I mean...”

“I’ve... practiced before,” Jared cleared his throat and bit his lower lip. “On myself... a few times...” Jensen stared at him, surprised at the warmth that spread through his body at the thought of Jared touching himself. Slowly, Jared reached into his pocket for a small glass jar.

“I… always kind of hoped…” Jared’s voice was shaking, his cheeks flushed bright red. He cleared his throat once and shrugged. “The vet left this behind the last time he was here for the cows… I’ve seen them use it a few times when they help with the births…” If possible, Jared blushed harder and he shook his head quickly. “I’ve used it before too, on myself I mean.” Jensen nodded again, stomach twisting when he realized what the jar Jared held was going to be used for.

“Okay,” Jensen whispered after a moment, and Jared glanced back up, meeting his eyes. “I trust you.” Jared gave him a small smile and Jensen ran his hands up his arms, the muscles in Jared’s arms and shoulders contracting under his touch. The next kiss he gave Jared was soft, unhurried, and Jared seemed to melt against him.

Slowly, almost too slowly, Jared trailed his hands down Jensen’s chest, freezing when they got to Jensen’s hips. They locked eyes and Jensen nodded once, letting his legs fall open and inviting Jared in. Using just the tips of his fingers, Jared slid across Jensen’s lower stomach and through the soft curls of hair. When Jared’s fingers finally came into contact with the Jensen’s swollen length, he gasped and couldn’t stop his hips from arching into Jared’s touch.

Encouraged, Jared wrapped his long fingers around Jensen, squeezing him gently. Unlike Rosemary, whose hands were soft, cool and small, Jared’s hands were rough, warm, and were able to cover almost all of Jensen’s length completely. He gasped and Jared leaned forward, capturing the sound with his mouth.

Jared caressed Jensen slowly, his tongue tangling with Jensen’s own, sliding at the same pace of his hand. Jared shifted to his side, most of his weight on his knees, and with his free hand he pressed the jar against his knee, twisting the cap off before dipping his fingers into the lubricant. Jensen eyed it carefully, watching as Jared slid down between his thighs. Jensen stiffened slightly, and Jared paused, giving Jensen a small smile.

“Relax, Jensen,” he whispered, kissing his cheek softly. “I’ll stop if you want me too.”

“No.” Jensen shook his head and exhaled slowly. “No, don’t stop.”

Jared nodded once against his neck, kissing him softly, his fingers slipping between Jensen’s cheeks, pressing softly against his entrance. He forced himself to relax, to focus on Jared’s other hand working at his erection, his lips pressing and whispering against his ear. When Jared finally pushed a slick fingertip in, Jensen winced and felt his entire body jolt.

“You have to relax, Jense…” Jared’s voice was soft. His hands stilled, and he kissed every inch of Jensen’s face until, slowly, Jensen felt himself relax again. His heart was pounding in his chest, his body fighting against the intrusion; he almost told Jared to stop, that this was the reason this was wrong. When he opened his eyes, Jared was staring down at him with so much love and concern that the words became stuck in his throat. Slowly, Jensen nodded.

Jared gave him a smile and resumed kissing down the side of Jensen’s neck. This time, his hands were still and he continued moving down Jensen’s body, kissing and biting, licking across Jensen’s chest. He shivered and felt himself hardening again against Jared’s chest.

Just as Jared’s slick finger started pressing against his entrance again and Jensen started to tense, Jared slipped down completely and suddenly his mouth was surrounding the head of Jensen’s dick. It was hot and wet and Jensen completely forgot about anything other than the sensation of Jared’s tongue against his swollen flesh.

Jensen closed his eyes and focused on Jared, the way he was making his entire body thrum to life. Jensen’s heart was beating, his breath was coming in short gasps, his lower body was full and floating and on fire, all at the same time. He gasped as Jared twisted two fingers slowly inside of him, the feeling just barely on the side of uncomfortable, until he did something that sent a shock through him. Jared froze, eyes wide as he stared down at Jensen. Jensen’s entire body felt strung like a coil, and it took him a moment before he nodded and Jared returned to the task at hand.

Jared hummed around him, the sound sending vibrations through Jensen’s stomach, and he heard himself gasp out loud. When Jared withdrew his fingers, Jensen was surprised at the feeling of loss he felt, and he looked down to see Jared slipping two of his fingers back into the jar, coating them once more before he was back and slipping them inside of Jensen.

Jensen wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be feeling. He’d never actually imagined he would get to this point, with anyone, never mind with Jared. He was drowning in Jared, filled completely to the brim with the love he felt for the younger man. He reached for Jared then, grabbing his arms to pull him up to seal their lips together again. He pushed everything he was feeling through the kiss, hoping that Jared understood.

Jared moaned against his lips and dragged his hands up Jensen’s body, fingers digging into the muscles of his stomach. “You can still tell me to—"

“Please,” Jensen responded, cutting Jared off with a soft bite to his lower lip. Jared nodded and Jensen allowed him to guide his legs around Jared’s hips, angling his own up to give Jared access. Jared’s hazel eyes never left Jensen’s, kept complete contact as he scooped out a good amount of the lubricant and reached down to stroke himself. Jensen nodded once and Jared slid his hand down the back of Jensen’s thigh, pulling his legs open wider, and suddenly he was there, pushing in, filling Jensen completely.

Jensen groaned, forcing himself to keep his eyes open and joined with Jared’s. It was a slow, dragging pain as Jared pushed deep inside, and yet Jensen didn’t… hate it. The fact that it was uncomfortable made him think back to his first time with Rosemary and her initial discomfort; it was almost comical that he was comparing himself to a girl, knowing how much Alan would get a kick out of it were he privy to the inside of Jensen’s mind.

Jared exhaled, his entire body shaking on his arms which were bracketed on either side of Jensen’s head. His eyes fluttered closed and he cursed, and Jensen felt him twitch deep inside of him. The feeling was different than anything Jensen had ever felt, but it brought him closer to Jared. Jared was inside of him, connected with him in the most intimate way, and for the life of him Jensen couldn’t understand why that was so wrong.

“Jensen,” Jared whispered his name, swallowing hard as shifted his hips and followed with him, tightening his legs around Jared’s back. “I love you, so much.”

Jensen reached for him, running his hand through Jared’s long hair and pulling him down, kissing him deeply. Jared made a strangled sound against his lips and then started to move… he rolled his hips slowly, the burning between Jensen’s legs slowly morphing into something that was edging near pleasant.

When Jared’s kisses became sloppier and he was panting into Jensen’s mouth, he knew Jared was close to his climax. Jensen shifted his hips up, and when Jared gasped, Jensen knew he’d gotten the angle of his hips right. Jared suddenly froze above him, a strangled gasp leaving his lips, and Jensen rocked up against him, wrapping his arms around Jared’s back as he spilled his release.

Jared collapsed against him and Jensen immediately found his lips, kissing him softly. Jared lay half on top of him, his breathing coming in heavy pants. When Jared had caught his breath, he brought Jensen to completion with a few quick strokes.

They lay there underneath the oak tree until they couldn’t ignore the chill of the night air anymore.

“Jensen?” Jared asked as he pushed himself into a sitting position, pulling Jensen up with him. “Why… why were you out here?”

“Jared… I thought…” Jensen exhaled slowly, his entire body shaking as he remembered the way he’d torn from the house, believing that Jared was gone. “A man was killed tonight… in town… for being gay… and my grandparents, they thought…” Jensen’s eyes widened. “They think you’re dead. What if they’re telling your parents? Oh my God! Get dressed. Jared, we have to go!”

“But—” Jared allowed himself to be yanked to his feet, and Jensen quickly picked up their clothes, throwing his own on and giving Jared just enough time to get his back on before he was yanking him back down the path.

When they reached the farmhouse, Jared’s parents were sitting on the porch with Jensen’s grandparents and all four of them looked up as they heard the two sets of quick boot steps approaching. Sherri let out a scream and she flew off of the porch, immediately wrapping herself around Jared and pulling him tightly against her chest. Somehow, even though she stood almost a foot shorter than her nineteen year old son, Jared seemed dwarfed as he let himself sink into her embrace.

“I’m okay, Mama,” Jared mumbled against her hair, and then all that could be heard was the soft sound of the crickets and Sherri’s soft sobbing. Jensen looked up and saw his grandparents smiling, relief easily seen on their faces.

“Where was he?” Albert asked when Jensen joined them on the porch, switching spots with Gerry who now had his arms around his family.

“He found me,” Jensen replied with a shrug, smiling softly as he looked over at Jared with his parents.

“We’re so glad he’s okay,” Martha whispered back, patting Jensen’s cheek softly. “I’ll be making a special breakfast in the morning.”

“Thank you, guys,” Jensen murmured softly, feeling his cheeks flush and he forced himself to look down at the wooden planks beneath his feet.

Albert shifted once beside him, just as uncomfortable as Jensen before he cleared his throat. “I’m not going to pretend that I understand it, because I don’t. But… I understand you, Jensen, the person you are and the person you’re becoming. And I’ll stand beside you no matter what you choose, or who you choose.”

Jensen looked up quickly and saw his grandfather had wrapped his arm around his grandmother’s shoulders and she was leaning against him, looking up at him with an expression Jensen himself had seen on Jared’s face. He nodded once, giving them a small smile, and then they turned around and slipped quietly back into the house.

“Well, I think it’s about time we all get some sleep,” Gerry said once they broke away from Jared. Jensen nodded once, eyes catching Jared’s and the two of them stood frozen. Gerry glanced between them, clearing his throat once before he took Sherri’s arm. “I’ll see you boys for breakfast.”

“Yes, Sir,” they both replied in unison and Sherri glanced at them, a strange expression on her face. Jared looked down and waited until they were across the yard and out of sight before he approached Jensen again.

“Stay with me?” Jensen asked, swallowing hard, his stomach fluttering as he waited for Jared’s reply.

Jared hesitated for a moment, studying Jensen’s face before he nodded and smiled. “Always, Jensen.”

Master Post || Chapter Seven || Chapter Nine
lotrspnfangirl: (lj: UTOT Icon)

May 22nd, 1961
Somerset, Vermont

“Jared,” Jensen groaned against Jared’s lips, hands knotted in Jared’s coat as he tried to push him back. “Jared, stop… I think someone’s coming...” Jared kissed him softly in response, pushing Jensen further back into the corner of the barn.

“Then be quiet,” Jared smirked and Jensen felt his heartbeat racing even faster. It must have shown on his face that panic was starting to set in because Jared chuckled and kissed his cheek before stepping away and straightening up his clothes. He left Jensen pressed up against the barn wall, breathing hard and heart racing while he went out to investigate the source of the sound.

“Ah! There you are!” Gerry’s voice rang out and Jensen sighed softly, almost glad that they had been interrupted. “Have you seen Jensen? Martha is looking for him…”

“Oh, yeah, I think he was finishing getting the hay for the stalls. I’ll go fetch him.”

Jensen heard Gerry thanking Jared and Jensen could almost picture the older man fondly clapping his son on the shoulder or slapping him on the back before he exited the barn.

“What do you think she wants?” Jensen mused when Jared returned, instantly opening his arms for Jared to step back into them.

Their relationship was… different, unlike the other one Jensen had been in or even had ever thought of being in. Even though they slept in different houses, they were always together. Day in and day out they spent as much time as they wanted together, working or not. If their families saw them together, no one asked questions – it was accepted. They were close friends after all, practically family anyways.

Jensen found himself splitting his time between Jared and Jenna, and even when they shared his time, both his eighteen-month-old and—his… boyfriend? Lover? Jensen wasn’t sure on the title, exactly—both enjoyed it.

Jenna adored Jared, more than anyone else on the farm. Sometimes, Jensen wondered if the child would rather be rocked or held by Jared then her own father. It warmed something deep inside of him though, he couldn’t argue that fact. Sometimes he almost let himself get lost while watching Jared singing softly to Jenna, or telling her a story while he fed her, believing that this love they shared could really, truly be something.

Jensen felt his stomach twist at the thought, and the realization, that it really didn’t matter what either one of them wanted. Reality was cruel and was never far away with its reminders. Although the subject of their close relationship was never brought up between their families, customers to the farm stand or in the town were not shy about expressing their opinions.

Jared brushed him off every time he repeated a comment made or an incident that happened. “You only see the negative things, Jensen. Seriously, don’t listen to everything.” And perhaps Jared was right, but the negative, snide remarks that were thrown at him when he carried Jenna through town or to the market without Sherri or his grandmother there, still sent him reeling. He could only imagine what they would say if they saw him pressed up against Jared in the shadowed, safety of the barn…

The feeling of safety even on the farm was one that Jensen wasn’t all that sure of either. Although no one talked about the situation, Jared was getting more comfortable with the idea of the two of them together. He would steal kisses in the middle of the field, during milking, before or after suppertime and each and every time, Jensen’s heart caught in his throat. What if they were caught? What would Gerry say? Or his grandparents? He couldn’t bear the thought of being made to leave… Jenna needed this farm, needed this family, and so did Jensen.

When he tried to tell Jared to tone things down, Jared would act hurt, and Jensen would quickly try to retract his concerns and kiss Jared’s bad mood away – of course that was after he had pulled him aside, out of the sight of anyone who might stumble across them.

It was dangerous what they were doing, and Jensen knew that deep down Jared understood that as well. Part of that, however, made it more exciting. Jensen felt his spirit come alive at the mere thought of seeing Jared in the mornings. The warmth that flooded his body with every thought that trailed over Jared—his body, his mind, his voice, his eyes—was something Jensen never, ever wanted to be rid of. It was similar and yet, so very different, than the warmth he felt when he thought of Jenna.

And that terrified him.

Jared suddenly wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him closer got Jensen’s attention back to the present and he looked up to see Jared smiling fondly at him. “Did you hear me?” he asked, and Jensen shook his head, embarrassed.

“No, I was—”

“Probably over-thinking things…as usual,” Jared laughed and leaned down to kiss Jensen lightly. “I said, I’m sure she just wants to talk to you about farm things, nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah, probably,” Jensen agreed and squeezed Jared quickly before slipping away from him. “What are you doing now?”

“Dad and Albert finished tilling the fields today so we’re free until the cows need milking again.”

“And are you going to help me with the cows, Mr. Padalecki?” Jensen teased, looking over his shoulder to see the look Jared threw him.

“Oh, most definitely... I’ll be holding Jenna and keeping her happy at a distance while you milk the cows,” Jared grinned playfully.

Jensen laughed and rolled his eyes. “One day I am going to get you to milk a cow and you’ll realize they’re not even half as scary as you’re making them out to be.”

“I’m sure,” Jared nodded, giving a small laugh. “Go… don’t make your grandmother wait.”

Jensen nodded and glanced at his watch. “Lunch later?” he asked and when Jared nodded, he smiled back.

The moment Jensen walked into the house, he knew that something was wrong. Sherri was standing in the doorway of the kitchen and offered him a gentle smile, but nothing more. Jensen swallowed hard, suddenly nervous as he made his way through the dining room and into the living room where his grandmother was waiting, sitting silent and staring out the big bank of windows at the freshly tilled fields.

“Grandma?” he asked as he came up behind her. He had to shove his hands deep into his pockets to keep them from shaking as he moved around to the front of the chair. “You… wanted to see me?”

Martha nodded once and when she lifted her deep, green eyes to meet Jensen’s he saw that she’d been crying. He dropped down to his knees and reached for her thin, cool hands to hold in his own.

“It’s your grandfather,” she started, giving him a watery smile. She took one of her hands back and patted Jensen’s cheek gently. “When he was out in the fields today with Gerry, something went wrong.”

“What do you mean something went wrong?” Jensen asked, confused and a bit afraid at the same time. “Did something happen to the tractor? Does he need my help with it or…” he trailed off and met his Grandmother’s eyes with a sad sigh. He knew that wasn’t what she meant, but he couldn’t help but hope.

“I came to pick you up, honey, along with some paperwork he wanted.” She patted Jensen’s arm and he nodded numbly. “Sherri said she didn’t mind looking after Jenna, the hospital isn’t a good place to bring that little girl.”

“Yeah… okay,” Jensen nodded slowly. “Is… I mean, is he...”

“He’s going to be just fine, sweetheart,” Martha reassured him quickly. “But he’s probably going to have to stay there for a few days before he’s back up and running—”

“Don’t worry, Gram, I’ll take care of everything. I know what needs to be done.”

“I never doubted that for a second, Jensen,” Martha replied and with a wave of her hand shooed him off toward the kitchen. “I’ll meet you by the truck, okay?” Jensen nodded his agreement. He thanked Sherri with a fond hug before slipping out of the house. When he reached the old truck he slid into the driver’s seat to wait for Martha to come back out.

“Everything okay?” Jared was suddenly at the driver side of the door, watching Jensen carefully. “Where are you guys going?”

“My Grandfather is in the hospital…” Jensen replied softly and Jared reached through the open window to take his hand, to give it a supportive squeeze.

“I’m sorry, Jensen… I’m sure everything is going to be okay though, right?”

Jensen nodded once and looked around the yard quickly—Gerry had gone off, probably to finish in the fields, and with Martha and Sherri still in the house, they were in the clear. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Jared’s for a moment, smiling when Jared kissed him back just as quickly before pulling away.

“I hope so,” he shrugged and Jared squeezed his hand once more before releasing it at the sound of the screen door opening.

“It will be okay,” Jared confirmed and then tipped his hat towards Martha when she approached the truck.

“Why don’t you go see if your father needs anymore help out in the fields? I’m not sure how far he and Albert got…” she suggested as she slipped into the passenger seat.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Jared replied and gave them both a smile, flashing his dimples at them, before running in the opposite direction towards the back fields. Jensen watched him go and only when he was out of sight did he turn his attention back to starting the truck. Martha cleared her throat once and Jensen gave her a quick look, wondering if she’d noticed his longer than normal stare after Jared.

If she did, she didn’t say anything. And Jensen was more than grateful for that.

Albert looked bad.

Although both the nurse in the room and his Grandmother told him how well his Grandfather was doing Jensen couldn’t stop the tightness in his chest when he looked over his Grandfather lying in the hospital bed.

His usual jeans and flannel shirt had been replaced with a pale, thin hospital gown and his usually sun-kissed skin looked pale and washed out under the bright hospital lights. Even though Albert was well into his sixties, Jensen never thought of him as being that old. His grandfather was strong, always moving and doing no matter where he was on the farm and usually, his body showed that hearty vitality. Now however, he looked small and frail and Jensen couldn’t wrap his head around that.

He swallowed hard and forced himself forward to the side of the bed and reached down to take his Grandfather’s hand in his own. With a sigh of relief, Jensen was glad that his skin felt warm and full of life. He sank down into one of the visitors’ chairs and gave Albert a smile, hoping none of his concerns were showing through on his facial expression.

“Hey, Grandpa,” he nodded once and Albert turned his head to look at Jensen with a smile.

“Ah, you’re here. Good!” Albert squeezed Jensen’s hand and then released it, moving to push himself up higher in the bed. Jensen was immediately at attention, moving to help Albert change position, and he was quickly shooed away. “No, no! No fussing! I’m perfectly… capable!” His grandfather shot his help down quickly, only grunting once as he shifted, and Jensen couldn’t help the smile that broke out across his face.

This was the Grandfather he knew.

“Albert!” Martha was instantly at Jensen’s side and he shrunk back at the tone of his grandmother’s voice. It was rare for her to raise her voice, and even more so for it to be directed at Albert himself. “You know what they said about pushing yourself too far!”

Albert rolled his eyes and winked at Jensen when Martha smacked his leg through the covers.

“What happened?” Jensen asked when his grandmother was finally finished fussing about her husband, straightening out the sheets and moving his pillows around.

“Oh… nothing really…” Albert started only to close his mouth again as he received another sharp glare from his wife.

“Your Grandfather was supposed to watch the things he ate after his stroke but he decided to ignore the advice of anyone that’s smarter than him!” She quickly took over the explanation and then turned her attention from Albert to Jensen. “This morning, your Grandfather and Gerry came back to the house after you boys all set out to work, talking about pain in his chest and feeling light-headed and dizzy. Stubborn man insisted he’d be fine if he could just have some more coffee—thought maybe he just wasn’t awake enough. Gerry brought him to the hospital anyways.”

“Another stroke?” Jensen asked, looking between his grandparents. Albert shook his head once and they both turned to look up at Martha.

“No, he had a mild heart attack….”

Jensen’s eyes widened, “A heart attack?”

Mild,” Albert enunciated the word, as if that would make Jensen feel any better about it. “They just poked at me a bit, gave me some beta blocker thing to fix my ticker, and it will be good as new. They just want to do a couple more tests over the next few days.”

Jensen’s eyes widened even further. “When? All this happened just today?” He turned to his grandmother in alarm who nodded slowly. When he turned back to his grandfather he couldn’t keep the look of shock off of his face. All things considered… maybe he didn’t look quite as bad as Jensen had originally thought.

“So, the doc recommends 'observation'... I’m going to be out of commission for a few days—”

“Weeks! Months even …if I have any say in it!” Martha cut in and Jensen smiled softly.

“So, that brings me to why I asked for you, my boy,” Albert finished and reached out his hand for the papers Martha had brought from the farm. His arm was trembling as he held it out and Jensen fought the urge to reach for it to steady it. “I had these drawn up a few months ago actually…” Albert scanned over the papers as Martha pushed the wooden, rolling table over closer so that it rested just above Albert’s lap.

Jensen looked on, curiously. Obviously his grandfather hadn’t planned on having a heart attack—the man always said he was ‘healthy as a horse’ so Jensen was at a complete loss as to what he would have, that he actually had planned ahead for. Except for deciding ahead on the crops to be planted and the animals to be bought and sold on the farm, Albert was always one for winging it and seeing how things turned out.

When the papers were pushed in front of Jensen, his eyes quickly scanned the title on the first page and the initial information in the top two paragraphs. As the written words began to make sense Jensen froze, eyes wide as he looked up to meet his grandparents’ hopeful faces.

“You’re joking. Right?” He muttered disbelievingly, looking between the two of them who were staring back at him expectantly. “No, you have got to be joking.”

“Jensen, who the hell else is there?” Albert said as he tossed the pen over to rest on top of the small stack of papers. “Now, there’s not much of a savings account left anymore… your Grandmother and I emptied a lot of it to finish off the mortgage and to buy that last herd and the milking equipment, but there’s enough to get you started.”

“I can’t… I can’t accept this,” Jensen whispered, dropping his shaking hands into his lap. His heart was beating a million miles a minute and he suddenly felt light- headed as he stared at the deed transfer before him. His name was clearly printed, along with his grandparents, and the property value had more zero’s in it then Jensen had ever thought he would see in his entire life.

Part of him wanted to call up Alan and rub that into his face—that no matter what the old man believed or said, his parents had been more than successful as lowly farmers, far more successful than their citified son and the proof was right before him. On the other hand, Jensen just wanted to vomit out of feeling overwhelmed by what his grandparents were offering him.

“Of course you can…” Martha stepped around the bed and put her warm, supportive hand on Jensen’s shoulder. “We’re not going to be around forever, Jensen. And I can’t picture letting that farm out of the family. It’s our life, our home, our sweat and blood and you have been the one to share that with us the most.”

“But… what about Gerry?” Jensen offered, looking between them again. “And… Josh is older than me…”

“Jensen, I already told Gerry what we were planning on doing and he said he’d be more than happy to work under you… if you’ll still have him,” Albert stated and gave Jensen a short nod.

Jensen stared back at him in shock, “Well… of course! I mean… what else would I do? Gerry’s put so much more than I have into the farm… and his family is there, …they’re part of our family.” Jensen stammered, shaking his head at the absurdity of imagining the farm without the Padalecki family there, without Jared…

“And that’s exactly why he has no problem working under you, Jensen.” Martha said with a smile. “Because you understand how important his family is to the farm and to us. Joshua chose a career and his life, and… honestly? We never even considered Josh for getting the farm. Although he enjoyed his summers here, it was different for Josh.”

Jensen nodded slowly, eyes scanning over the papers before him again.

“We just hope you don’t kick me and the old lady out of your farm house,” Albert laughed with a questioning look.

Jensen gasped and shook his head quickly. “No, of course not! That’s your home and it will continue being your home, it’s only mine on this piece of paper.”

Martha leaned forward and kissed the top of Jensen’s head. “We can get a lawyer if you’d like him to explain everything to you,” she offered. But Jensen shook his head. He trusted them, more than anyone else in the world, they were his family. They were more his parents than Donna and Alan had ever been. With a shaking hand, Jensen reached forward for the pen and slowly started flipping through the pages.

He initialed and signed wherever it was indicated and when he was finished, he simply laid the pen down and sat there feeling numb. Albert smiled and nodded to Martha who took up the papers and sealed them into an envelope she’d brought with them. Jensen owned the farm. Jensen owned the farm.

“We are so very proud of you, Jensen,” Albert’s voice was soft and it melted the icy shock that had paralyzed Jensen’s body. He felt his cheeks flame up at the praise. He’d never expected to hear those words at any point in his life… his stomach twisted and he smiled at his grandparents.

“Thank you, really…. I won’t make you sorry. I swear…I won’t let you down,” Jensen promised softly and reached for his Grandfather’s hand. Albert squeezed his hand once and smiled fondly back at him, Martha leaned forward and kissed his forehead, and Jensen had never felt more like he belonged than he did right now.

“Do you really believe he’s ready for all this, Al?” Martha asked, taking the empty seat Jensen had vacated. They’d convinced the younger man to head back to the farm and he did so with a promise to return around suppertime to pick Martha up and take her home for the evening. “Do you think we’re pushing him too fast?”

“He’s ready for this, Martha,” Albert argued, reaching for his wife’s hand. “I know he is.”

“He just came back to us, Albert. He has a little girl that’s he’s just starting to figure out… If we pile too much on him…?” She closed her eyes and with a sigh shook her head. “I don’t want him to turn into Alan.”

“He won’t, Martha,” her husband replied quickly. “Alan was miserable on that farm from the moment he could think for himself. Martha, look at what the past few months have done to boy! He even looks healthier, happier!”

“And you think that’s just because of the farm?” Martha looked up and raised an eyebrow at her husband whose cheeks flushed slightly. He gave her a warning look and she nodded once; it wasn’t something they’d ever discussed, not something that they needed to. But that didn’t mean they didn’t see and know everything that was going on behind even the fence posts on their farm.

“Martha… I’m scared …more than I’ve ever been of anything,” Albert’s voice was soft and a bit unsure for the first time ever and it broke her heart. She squeezed his hand a little tighter, nodding with him. She was too. “We both know this…” he waved his free hand over his body. “This…? Isn’t good like it once was. I’m getting old, Martha. We both are. And Jensen…? Jensen is a good kid who has a good head on his shoulders and a good support system behind him. He still has us, we’re not going anywhere. And he knows that! We’ll be on that farm until the day we die, doing everything in our power to help him.

“He has us, he has Gerry and Sherri. And, well, he has Jared, too. We will help him be successful, we will continue teaching him what he needs to know to thrive, and he’s going to do it. I believe in him, don’t you?”

“Of course I do,” Martha sighed. “But you and I both know this life isn’t always easy. And things are good for us now, but what about if there’s another depression? Another war? What then?”

“We’ll help him, Martha. He’s strong. He’s come out on top in everything life has thrown at him so far, why should the farm be any different?”

“I’m scared for him, honey. The life that he’s choosing…”

“Martha,” once again her husband cut her off with a quick shake of his head. “I trust him and his judgement, whether I understand it or not.” Martha nodded once and they fell into silence, lost in their own thoughts.

When Jensen returned to pick his grandmother up, Albert hugged his grandson a while longer than normal and Martha rode beside him in silence back to the farm. If Jensen noticed her abnormally quiet behavior, he didn’t question it, and when Jared met them at the front gates of the farm, Martha gave him a wide smile and patted his arm before inviting them to follow her inside for dinner.

October 22nd, 1962
Somerset, Vermont

Jared leaned back against Jensen’s chest and Jensen let his arms fall around Jared’s shoulders, holding him there. After Jensen had given Jenna lunch and put her down for a nap, they had snuck away for their own lunch break, and made their way out to the oak tree. Just like when they were kids, no one ever bothered to follow them out and they felt somewhat secure with the promise of a little privacy.

“We’ll be next, you know,” Jared broke the silence and Jensen couldn’t bite back the sigh. It had been nearly a month since James Meredith, the first black man to attend a segregated University in Mississippi, had made headlines and since then, Jared had been incessant about how it was a step forward for not only civil rights between the races, but also for people like them.

Jensen however didn’t necessarily agree. One man being able to go to school and surviving for a month did not give him the same type of excitement and hope that it gave the younger man. They themselves were white, were just like the people that would crucify them for being homosexuals. As far as Jensen was concerned, it was a completely different world for them.


Jared smirked and turned around, capturing Jensen’s lips with his own.

“I know, I know. You don’t want to hear it.” Jared rolled his eyes and in response, Jensen bit his lower lip, eliciting a gasp.

“Has your dad talked to you any more about school?” Jensen asked, leaning back against the base of the tree again, waiting for Jared to settle against him before finding his hands to hold them against Jared’s stomach.

“A bit…” Jared trailed off and Jensen leaned forward, resting his chin on Jared’s shoulder.

“And? Are you thinking about it?” Jensen asked. Now that Jared was eighteen, Jensen honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he left to get an education, just like Jeff had. Jeff was now living somewhere in New Hampshire, working as a lawyer there, and Sherri and Gerry were not shy about expressing how proud they were of their eldest son.

“No.” Jared shook his head, the decisive tone of his voice saying the conversation was not up for discussion.

Jensen laughed softly and shoved at his back. “No?”

Jared shook his head again in response. Jensen kissed the side of his throat gently, urging Jared silently to continue.

“I… I was thinking I would, you know…” Jared shrugged and Jensen felt the tension in his shoulders.


“I figured I would stay here, with you.” Jared said finally and Jensen felt his heart stop. He and Jared usually steered clear of the topic of the future of their relationship. It was too painful to remember the reality of the world around them and it didn’t do well to dwell on things that they both knew would never happen. The one time Jared had mentioned it, a future, Jensen had shut him down pretty quickly.

“How long do you think we can go on like this Jared, really?” Jensen sighed, closing his eyes against the pained expression on Jared’s face. Part of him feared that maybe this would be it… this would be the end for them….

“Jensen… I know it seems impossible right now but—"

“No, Jared. It is impossible now and it always will be. What we’re doing now? Yeah, it’s fun, and I’m enjoying spending time with you… but in the end?” Jensen shook his head. “You and I will both end up married to girls and with kids and…”

“I’m in love with you, Jensen.” Jared pulled back, meeting Jensen’s eyes straight on. “I am in love with you. That…? To me…? That means something, and in the end? I think I’ll still be in love with you.” Jensen closed his eyes and after a moment, Jared slipped from his side and left him sitting in the loft alone.

When he heard the barn door slam shut behind Jared, Jensen leaned back against the bales of hay and sighed. “I love you too, Jared.”

“I think we should head back,” Jensen replied instead, releasing his hold on Jared and pushing himself up and away from the tree trunk. Jared looked hurt again, but hid it quickly with a small smile.

“Yeah, I’m sure Jenna’s probably awake now anyways. I made her something the other day…” He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small wooden duck he’d carved. Jensen smiled as he fingered the toy, turning it on all sides to look at it.

“You’re getting really good at this,” he offered, and Jared nodded before slipping it back into his pocket. They walked together in silence back to the farm house, Jared’s arm brushing Jensen’s every few feet, but once they cleared the woods he fell back. Jensen sighed to himself and knew how much it was hurting Jared to do so, how much it had hurt him the first time he asked Jared ‘who wanted to go first’.

When they reached the house, they were surprised to see everyone inside. More surprising, everyone was sitting in the living room, crowded around the television.

“What’s going on?” Jared asked, slipping past Jensen and joining his mother on the couch.

“President Kennedy has just confirmed there are Soviet missiles in Cuba,” Gerry responded, and Jensen’s eyes flew to the TV where the President was still speaking. He sank to the floor beside his grandfather’s chair and together they all watched the rest of the presidential address.

By the end, it was Jared who broke the silence.

“We’re going to end up back in another war, another draft,” he sighed, and Jensen felt himself go cold. No one else in the room spoke up, but he knew they were all thinking the same thing. Being of draft age worried Jensen, and he glanced over to his grandmother who had Jenna curled up on her lap. Jenna looked peaceful, relaxed in her great-grandmother’s arms. She was happy here, they both were, and the fact that there was something in this world that could pull him away from her? Could change their life in an instant? Jensen swallowed hard and shifted his position so he could reach his daughter and ran his fingers through the soft curls of her hair.

Art by [livejournal.com profile] 2blueshoes

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